My daughter has become paranoid girl

I know we must protect ourselves in the pandemic that's still going on apparently, but my daughter has become paranoid. Let's call her Sabrina. Not her real name. I'm her father. Sabrina is a sweet autistic girl and throughout most of her life she was always said to be the weird girl by the kids in her school with her OCD (obsessive–compulsive disorder), among other things.

Lately, the infamous pandemic had struck america. Sabrina was shocked like all of us were. She wore the mask like you do, but she also pretend to be a patient zero. She's got an active imagination. She would use excessive with the hand sanitizer. Sabrina especially got nervous when her school science class on zoom started learning about microorganisms and the ones that cause diseases.

Sabrina started wearing her mask 24/7. Even at home she wore it, only lifting it up to eat. I had to force her to take it off. The news channels sure didn't help, so I decided to replace it as our background noise. I told her that it's not as bad as they're making it out to be. Sabrina was becoming a germaphobe. The very idea of germs in the bathrooms made her avoid them, and she pooped outside like our dog. It wasn't our proudest moment as parents. Who knows when that behavior will end.

When Sabrina finally went back to school, I wasn't in the know-how when her teachers made her wear a mask. I found out only weeks later because they forgot to take off. I talked to the schools and they told me they just wanted to protect the children. Weeks later again, and I was called to the school because she had passed out over dehydration. You see, the air-conditioning was on the fritz, which meant the rooms were hot and the masks Sabrina wore obstructed her breathing. When they took it off, spit was covering the inside of the mask. Gross.

This long confession here is just my way of saying, my daughter has become paranoid girl. What a mess. Poor girl. This pandemic has effected us all. We're definitely going to do something about this.

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  • I think kids are exposed to adult topic too early in life. Don't let her worry about Covid. You worry about it for her.

  • Wow. What a shocking story. I have no clue what advice to give you.

  • Introduce her to Greta Thunberg. She’s a paranoid, autistic girl too.

  • Who's Greta Thunberg? Is that a fake name? That's a fake name.

  • I looked her up. Not a fake name. She is paranoid.

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