A Bully's Diaper Punishment

I was a bit of a bully when I was a kid. I did have friends, but not the best kind in hindsight. After years of careful nit-picks and name-calling, I was feared as much as a kid could be in the classroom. I was in middle school when a new kid came to class. Call him Finn and me Hans, not our real names.

He spoke with a childish lisp and I guess that was funny to me back then. My mom scheduled a playdate between him and me. Just my luck. Finn showed me around his place and I was just surprised when he got to his room. It was like an 8 year old lived there. He was taking this time to grow into his preteen phase. He even still had his character bedsheet. I made a chuckle about it. Finn showed me his video games the other room. He sat in his gaming chair when I noticed the diapers he was wearing. I may have asked too many embarrassing questions about it, which made him readjust his shirt sheepishly. Finn insistent I stop joking about his disability was not funny.

After the playdate, and as time went on, I may have gotten a little carried away with the names and insults at school. 'Tinkle Bell' was one of the nicknames. I got my friends to join in on the teasing. After a while, mom found out about it from a teacher. She grounded me untill she could think of a better punishment. She then figured if I knew what having that disability felt like, I would leave Finn alone.

I wore diaper as a punishment. I had to use them, in both ways. I was watched more carefully by my parents. I was also spoon fed me, because they didn't want me having sugary snacks anymore. It was embarrassing, especially when the boys found out. I think my mom gave me a laxative for an embarrassing effect. She never admitted to it though. She would change me afterwards. She even did it in the public restrooms. I was stubborn and I grumbled for a while. After awhile I got the message. My parents reasoned that I didn't even give Finn a chance before teasing him.

When I apologized to Finn he seemed less immature by then, just sad. I wore my diaper just to show him how serious I was. I apologized, he forgave me and we hugged it out. I felt bad enough to give him a second chance. Finn was actually normal once I got past those first two things about him. I kept wearing the diapers to make it less awkward around him. He appreciated that. I actually started liking nappies after that.

I guess that was my diaper punishment. Ture Story.

Jan 28

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