My Journey to Becoming Diapered

I'm a boy by the way. Call me Fez. It started with my pacifier obsession. Whenever I saw a binky I wanted one. Eventually I bought some at a store. I remember seeing a panda one I liked, and bought a pack with different animals on them. It was on the way home from school. I hid them from my parents.

When I was 10, 11 or something, I remember thinking about wearing a diaper, so I put on a towel like a diaper and it kind of felt right. I secretly watched Nick Jr and Disney Jr Chanel when I was left alone. Paw Patrol is my current favorite.

Then when I was thirteen or so, I looked up on the internet for it and, actually found some stuff. I was surprised I wasn't the only one.
Stuff just progressed from there I guess. I found out furries were into this stuff too. There's a category of their art called diaperfurs. I became a slight furry.

When I moved out at 18, I bought my first pack of adult diaper, I got the kind that looked the most babyish. I also got a onesie with wolfs on them. A year later, I found an adult baby group in my area, so I went. I met some new friends there and we had lots of fun. We had fun being adult babies in the group, but we also had fun hanging outside the group as normal adults.

After a year, we met one girl who good with fashion and sewing. She needed some male models for the adult baby boys clothes she makes. I took a chance and me and my guy friends said yes. The photo shoot was fun and hilarious at her place. She paid us for the photos even though we were friends. The pictures are on her website.

A different friend of mine ended up becoming both my roommate and Adult Baby mommy on the weekends. I do at various points think is was weird how things turned out, but I still love where I am. I wouldn't change a thing. That's my journey to becoming diapered.

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  • Now I wish I was like you.

  • You're so lucky

  • Fez here...
    I was hoping for this to be more of an AMA.

  • Fez here...

    Let me just say that I was nervous at every step, but did it anyways. After the first step, each one after felt easier.

  • Lucky boy. My fetish is a secret.

  • Don't worry. Just find the closest ABDL group in the area, and go there. It can't hurt to try. Plus, they're into the same thing as you, so nothing to be embarrassed about.

  • That depends on how old you are.

  • Not anymore. The internet.

  • Lucky Boy.

  • Yes he is a Lucky Boy

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