I Just peed in my pants on Zoom

I'm 20 years old, female and I just peed in my pants while attending a class on Zoom. I should have gone before the meeting, and really could have gone at any time, but it's the first day, so I just sat there squirming for about a half hour and then just peed in my pants. The camera was on but I was muted. You could only see my face, so I don't think anyone else knew what just happened. It's still embarrassing though. I haven't peed my pants in school since 2nd grade. Maybe I should wear a diaper next time.

Jan 31

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  • What happened after the zoom meeting lol. I mean your entire booty had to be soaked. Thats freaking hot.

  • The chair I sat on was covered in vinyl so it collected all the pee except what went on the floor, and it didn't soak in, so I sat in a puddle through the whole class (about 2 hours). When the meeting was over I got up and my shorts were soaked like you said. Pee ran down my legs like I just did it, but I didn't think it was hot or enjoyable at the time. I was really embarrassed and still afraid that everyone in the meeting knew what happened. I showered and changed my shorts and then made the post that started this thread.

  • Yes. A diaper sounds good. I wear one. Don't be afraid to p*** in it too if you have to.

  • I wasn't really thinking of wearing a diaper when I wrote that. I was just being sarcastic, and a little down on myself for peeing in my pants at my age. But I can't stop thinking about what happened, and now you've got me thinking about what it might be like to actually wear a diaper while doing my online class. I just might, but I'm sure I'd be embarrassed to go to the store to buy diapers for myself.

  • I love to pee in adult diapers

  • I had a similar thing happen to me. I ended up being caught by my mom when the zoom meeting was over. She jokingly suggested I should wear diapers.

  • You too huh? My mom wasn't there, so I kind of said it to myself. I told a friend about it though. She laughed and also suggested that I should wear diapers while doing classes on Zoom.

  • I say go alone and do self checkout.

  • Buy them online.

  • That's what I did eventually. At someone's suggestion, I bought some abdl diapers from abuniverse, and loved them. They were so comfortable, and I wound up doing the whole semester in diapers. Even when not doing online classes, I still like to wear diapers around the house in the evening, but I mostly wear adult pull-ups now.

  • Unfortunately, I have to agree.

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