Accidents happen

Last night, for the first time in about 20 years, I peed my pants. Yep. I was walking home from friends and suddenly had to go bad. Got to my door, but as I was putting the key in the door I just lost it. Totally flooded myself. I was pretty ** embarrassed. It's also concerning because I had had bladder issues growing up (do you want to know what's worse than peeing your pants in grade 5? Doing it again in grade 7). I had thought (I had (have?) a condition called Overactive Bladder) the issue was in my past, but this has me worried that It's come back. Sigh. There are worse things that can happen to you than wetting yourself, but it's pretty frustrating...

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I’m scared I’ll kill everyone in my class

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  • I was dating a woman, recently, that suddenly started having this same issue. She said she just couldn't stop it, like before. Not a big deal, nothing to be ashamed of! The first few times we just casually played it off, and showered together, to clean up, and everything was fine. But it kept happening, so she saw a doctor, and then a specialist, and they found nothing wrong. Then a friend told her about a therapist, because of all the changes, and things that were going on.
    Three weeks later, no issue, and it seemed like some 'anxiety' issue or some stress disorder, that nobody could really explain.

  • I know how you feel. Last night I peed in my pants while attending a class on Zoom. I don't have any bladder issues though. I just held it too long. Childish, I know, and it could have been avoided, but it happened. I peed in my pants like a little girl. Now I still wonder if anyone else in the class could tell what happened.

  • I would love to hear you speak the words "i peed in my pants" "i ** in my pants" if i was there i would comfort you and assure you no one will ever know. Only us. Our secret. If you would like to chat sometime its markizbon at gmail im a DL as well as a wetting enthusiast

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