Guys are stupid

Guys will do anything for a hot girl. I am living proof. Me and my girlfriend, Teresa, have been together for our last year of college. We are both 23 and we recently moved in together. Now I am not a troll. I am decent looking and have an above average package. But Teresa rates a FULL 12 on a scale of 1-10. She should be out of my league.
I did something for her last week that proves my theory that men will do anything. Now I am in trouble for it. Teresa has had a BFF since she was a little kid. His name is Jeremy. I have never been jealous of their close relationship because he is flaming gay. No reason to doubt it. It is annoying because he is ALWAYS around.
Well last week Jeremy got suddenly dumped by his boyfriend and ever since he has been a drama queen. Teresa asked him to spend a couple of days with us to calm down. After two days I was ready to jump off a bridge. Well that night I was hiding in the bedroom watching TV. Teresa came in and got on the bed beside me. We began messing around and she went down and started giving me some of her oral attention. As she proceeded she looked up and said "I need a big favor". As she continued to please me she actually asked me to have s** with Jeremy to take his mind off the breakup. I said "NO WAY". But she continued to service me, looking up with her brown eyes and asking over and over. I finally gave in. Teresa jumped up with a huge smile and told me to grab a shower she would bring Jeremy in later. I felt like an idiot! An hour later she walked Jeremy into the bedroom. He was actually stripped down and wearing a pair of her panties. Teresa had further put lipstick and little makeup on him. Teresa patted him on the ass and told us to "have fun tonight, I'll see you in the morning". She walked out and shut the door. GOD I had hoped she would at least join in!
Yes we had s**. Jeremy was very eager and before we dosed off around 2am I had f***** him twice. The next morning Jeremy woke me up around 8am and gave me a b******* before we dressed.
Teresa and Jeremy acted like excited high school girls all day talking about it. That night I figured Teresa would REALLY make it up to me. But when we went to bed she managed to surprise me again. She asked if Jeremy could move in "full time". She actually told me it would be like I had two girlfriends and would have twice the s**.
I haven't answered yet but given my track record of stupidity what do you think I will do?

Feb 1

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  • If it would make you all happy, do it.

  • R/thathappened.

  • Fake and you are really a dude probably 68

  • If she joins then yes... make sure to ask if shes joining this time.. if not then shes probably setting you up to be his bf idk lol so make sure she is in on playing.

  • I would love to be in your situation. I am a married guy. I have a thing for younger men and I have to keep that side of my sexual play a secret. My wife wants nothing to do with it. I wish I could include her and have some open fun.

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