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My girlfriend looks like a boy. It is beyond tomboy looks and I am starting to become embarrassed about it. We are both 20 years old and have dated since we were 16. At 16 Lisa was so attractive. Let me describe her back then. Lisa has always been small. Maybe 5-5, thin but always super fit. Small B ** and a small tight **. Long blonde hair and model look in the face. When we started dating, like other girls in her class, she loved showing off her body and looks. Short skirts, heels, tight clothes.
Well fast forward to 18 years old when we started college. Lisa started hanging out with her female cousin, Pam. Pam is what you would call a militant lesbian and could be classified as "**".
Well over the next two years I started seeing gradual changes in Lisa that have brought us to this point. It was like she was trying to mimic Pam. First Lisa cut off her long hair and went with a short boy haircut. Then she started ditching her tight clothes and going with more sweats, t shirts and loose clothing that his her female body. Next she ditched make up.
When we are out she has literally been mistaken for a boy. And yes it has been embarrassing me for awhile.
I have seen nothing to indicate she has actually crossed over to the other team. When we are alone she still has a high ** drive. When Lisa gets naked she is so hot and she knows her way around a **.
But what do I do about this lesbian fascination? I would love for her to look like a girl again in public.

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  • I knew a girl exactly like that. She was actually a prostitute. Even though she had small **, loose clothing wasn't enough for her. She used an ace bandage to wrap them and make her completely flat. She even wore kids (boys) underwear. Like little boys batman, superman, star wars stuff.
    But when she got naked god she was hot!

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