Ive gained 80 lbs of fat mostly on my stomach

In the last 10 months or so i went from 110 to 190lbs. Everything i put on is fat my bodyfat is 46%. I know i need to lose it but i think i have a fat fetish or something cuz i get turned on every time a button blows or i get weighed, or when people ask when im due. Idk why i hate it. I am 5ft4 so on top of having abdominal obesity,i probably have regular obesity too now. I try to hide the lbs of lard from people i know but 80lbs of fat is alot to hide. I try but cant lose it,and i get turned on exercizing with my fat gut floppin around so its weird

Feb 11

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  • Im turned on thinkkng about you

  • Girl, I was in your shoes a few years--and pounds--ago. Trust me when I say this: if you try to get the weight down, you'll be fighting a losing battle. Fat acceptance is becoming a real thing, now! Just do what I finally ended up doing (and I wish I did it sooner)--just accept you are growing into a more curvy woman and go with it. Honey, I went from 122 to my current 259. You may not believe t, but once you accept your new size, the rate of your gain will eventually slow down. I raced from 122 to 235 in 14 months. It's taken me another 16 months to get to 259. Girl, relax and enjoy YOUR life. DON'T CARE what other people think about you!

  • Why did you end up gaining so much so fast? Did you discover a love for food or something like that?

  • Keep going! I’m working toward 200 myself. Can’t wait to have a big floppy gut… can’t stop stuffing myself lately. maybe I’ll end up at 250/275.

  • From the sound of it I would be surprised if you stop at 275

  • Ha - I mean - why not go bigger? Lol 325? 350?
    Being jiggly and full of food feels fantastic

  • Try gaining another 20-30 lbs deliberately to get over 200, and see how you feel about it. If you really like purposefully gaining, then you have your answer, and should let go after that :)

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