I want my husband to develop b****** and wear a bra

I want my husband to develop b****** and wear a bra. We're a sixty something retired couple with too much time on our hands. Hubby is bored with retirement and gets irritable. Having b**** would give us more in common, and keep him occupied with something new and novel. I won't coerce or try to force him to do it, but I will use persuasion to try to get him to on his on. I also want to enlarge and sensitize him nipples. He says I haven't made a good enough case yet. Do you have any ideas? Any persuasion tips? There are several ways I think he can grow or get b******. Should men have b******? (I think it's fine for older men, whose hormones have cooled a little anyway, but younger ones should not) Should he? Vote thumbs up for this post if you think hubby should develop b****** big enoug to require a bra. Thank You!

Feb 19

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  • I vote thumbs up. Wish my wife thought like you I’d get get big pretty boobies in a heartbeat so I could wear sexy bras everyday

  • Yes and shrink his water outlet device to approx 2 inches when active so it is more like an inter persons. Make him drink plenty of water so he can naturally lubricate his waterway like an inter person. Get him some clothes and a decent hairpiece and some strappy open toe sandals and get him a manicure and a pedicure and get his eyebrows waxed and a full body wax. Then take him out to the Rainbow village and watch him learn to be an inter person. (Maybe only at weekends with a few drinks and some legal Mary Jane products).

  • An 'inter person' ?...
    'water outlet device' ?
    You're a moron!

  • NOPE! I want him to remain male in every other way and function. Your reply is total BS.

  • Ok just the boobies then lol. Will they be hairy?

  • Yuck! Barf! No! No! No! If he develops boobies, I promise you he WILL shave or wax or have laser hair removal on that spot. I don't want to feminize him other than grow B Rests, and I want a fully functional husband otherwise. But if he agrees to grow t*tt*es, they WILL be smooth and soft , and firm, and hopefully they will have nice big pink sensitive n*pple$ as the icing on the cake, so to speak. But NO, I repeat NOOOOO(!) hair!

  • Very interesting. Does he have a hairy chest? What's his build?

  • Medium height, stocky build. Very hairy chest, but I must confess, my reaction was a little exaggerated before. He's shaved his chest and back before, , shaved everywhere at one time or another, he just hasn't been shaving his chest lately. He doesn't have a problem with it, and I think he would not really want hair on his chest, back and underarms if he got b*obies.

  • So are you thinking implants then?

  • Don't want to put him through implants, surgery, and all that. I think there may be other things that work.

  • What will work

  • What will make a man’s breast grow and not interfere with his manhood as i would like to be about a b cup

  • Natureday.com

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