Baby daddy

I am a very white, 19 year old, stupid girl. I am from a rural small town. I went a little wild my first year in college. I started dating a black guy and my family flipped. My parents cut off paying for school and kicked me out of the house.
I moved in with my boyfriend and his room males. Actually there were five guys renting a three bedroom house. Shortly after moving in I got a shock. My boyfriend was not opposed to sharing me with his friends. They were all very forward and my boyfriend encouraged it. So, I went along with it. I was in over my head and having ** a half dozen times a day. I had no privacy. They often didn't even bother taking me to a bedroom, just ** me any time they wanted in front of each other. I was treated me like a piece of meat. Soon I was being tag teamed and even ** by the whole group.
I was pregnant in two months and I have no idea which one got me pregnant.

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  • Any baby update?

  • Thanks for your stimulating story. I think you are very normal these days, as more and more white girls “go black” Please keep updating this story

  • White woman go black because there is no better feeling than a ** ** stretching your ** out so much it feels like it’s going to explode.

    I’ve had ** with more than 50 men through the years and been married to the same man for 25 years.

    But I can’t turn down a BBC when it is offered

  • Serves you well for being a coal burner

  • Now you need to find a white boyfriend and get him to marry you. When I married my wife she was seven months pregnant from one of four guys that she was **. I had loved her from afar and as soon as she got pregnant all four of the guys took off. Now I had my chance to ask her out and I told her that it was okay that she was pregnant. At our wedding all of my family congratulated me that I had knocked her up. I just smiled knowing that the baby inside her was from another man ** her.

  • Not Cool At All --------too much ** -------now your going to me a mommy

  • Should have listened to your parents, **

  • I sure hope you are living in Texas! Remember, either you can parent a new born with or without a father roll model, Jesus loves you! 😀

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