Breeding fetish

I am a black guy with a very specific fetish. I know exactly where I got hooked on doing this. I have a big d*** and never had any problem getting p****, especially white p****. When I was 17 I started f****** a white woman in the neighborhood. She was like 30 something. I got her pregnant. I don't know why but it got me so excited to know I knocked her up.
Fast forward. I am now in my 30's and still get excited at the thought of knocking a girl up. I go through all of the hook up app's and websites and find married white women.I pick married women because they won't come after me in any way after they get pregnant cheating. Most have abortions.
When I find a woman or even a young girl who insists we use condoms to avoid pregnancy I know I am in!!! I make sure to get her in a position where I am f****** her from behind and I slip off the condom. I LOVE the way they freak out when they feel my hot c** hit their insides! It gets me so excited I grab them, hold them close with my c*** still inside them. They buck and fight like crazy as I usually get cursed out. But I love it!

Feb 23

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  • Damn wife stares at them all the time. Blatantly. At restaurants when they walk by, when they're shirtless and jogging, at stores.

  • That’s soo hot. I’d love for you to do that to me.

    I’m a 50 year old white woman. Just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary. Have three children. Two sons, 21 and 16. And a 18 year old daughter.

    I haven’t had s** with another man since I met my husband 26 years ago. From age 14- 24 I was very promiscuous. Slept with men of all ages, sizes and races. My favorite was black men. But there was no way my parents were going to allow me to marry a black man. So when I bagged my hubby, the biggest white c*** ever, I knew I had to marry him.

    But I truly miss the combination of length and girth that only a black man can offer

  • Thanks for that very stimulating story. As a well endowed black man you are entitled to any woman you want. I think you will find plenty of white women who would be happy to bear you children. Please relate any of those stories also

  • And this is why so many people hate you all

  • Keep up the good work. All white girls need black c*** in order to be properly impaled, inseminated and impregnated. Muscular, hung Black teens are secretly met and coupled with by older attractive white wives.

  • That's rape, for starters..... For two, I think you are full of doggy doo doo

  • Stop watching p*** you degenerate coomer loser

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