Enjoying a younger man

I'm 41 and a married woman with 3 kids,my husband doesn't lift a finger when he gets home from work and is non stop putting me down,I would say im still attractive but to my husband i can't find anyone better than him.And i found a guy much younger than me that happens to be my neighbors son,I went into my garden and we locked eyes and that was it,he dropped his tools and came over and said how great i looked,it's nice to hear ones in a while and he was making me blush,we was by the shed talking and i backed up when he put his hand on my waist so we wouldn't be seen and that let him rip down my underwear and spin me around ,my dress was pulled down to my waist and he kicked my legs apart and dropped his pants.I had my hands on my shed bent over fully exposed and this 20 year old man ready to have me and be the only other guy ive ever had s** with,oh yeah he wanted me to keep my heels on,his hands were all over me and put a hand round the front and began rubbing my f**** sending me wild,I was just wondering when he was going to stick it in me and he whispered in my ear if i knew you wasn't going to scream i would give you it out here and dragged me inside,my heels scraping across the floor marched me to my living room got me down on my knees on my sofa so I'm facing the window which my curtains was open and we could be seen by anyone and we had s** or as he said im going to f*** the life out of you,the best moment was when he e********* he carried on until he e********* again and now we secretly meet up daily anywhere we can.

Mar 2

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  • Keep it up thats hot

  • I was working on a lady's yard, when I looked up I could see she had just stepped out of the shower and was drying off. I am not sure if she knew I was out there.

    When she glanced up, I waved.

    She came out into the yard, wearing a pullover dress, and began to apologize, I just told her I didn't mind and that she was beautiful. She looked at me, smiled and we both knew, she reached out, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

    Inside, I discovered nothing on under that dress, and a very hot woman eager and in heat.

    I was barely 17, she was 55.

  • I am in my mid-50s and love this young stud aged 32 - hard f**** with his strong thick c*** almost ripping my p****. We lay connected and feel his c*** going soft slowly but just to regain his erection within 15 minutes. Wow! what a bliss!!

  • You Are Da Man ----she was a hot woman being ignored by her hubby and you brought her back to life !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh wow! As a young man of 20, all I can say is older women are incredible in bed.

    Three years ago my GF caught me having s** with her mom. We broke up soon after but I still have s** with Mrs Cotten every time I come home from University.

    Since then I have been very sexually active at school, but I prefer older women. Actually, I prefer women old enough to be my mother.

    I’ve had s** with my mom’s best friend on her 50th birthday and this weekend I had s** with our neighbor. Mrs Smyth is 56 and used to babysit me when I was little. She said that she remembered bathing me with her daughter when my parents went out for a weekend. Mrs Smyth said she always thought my manhood was big. She said it was bigger than her sons.

    I always had a crush on Mrs Smyth. She has red hair and is very curvaceous. As a teen I alsways made sure she had opportunities to see me. It was a dream come true to be with her last night. Mr Smyth and my dad were out doing some work at the deer lease. Mrs Smyth had dinner with me and my mom. Mrs Smyth and my mom had a couple of bottles of wine. I walked Mrs Smyth home but I ended spending the night.

    It was the most incredible night of s** I ever had.

    Older women are indeed incredible lovers

    Signed by if it ain’t old enough to birth me I don’t want it

  • Is this real?

  • Yes, Mrs Smyth and I are going to meet up a few times next week during spring break while her husband is at work and my ex GF is at the beach with friends

  • Nothing better than a young hard man.

    I’m in my early 50’s and love having s** with young men. I’ve been married for over 25 years but been having s** with my son’s friends for years

  • That's amazing to know that both young guys and middle aged women both want each other but they to behave for social norms. I always went for older women they were just so much sexier. Young girls have nice figures yes but older women actually use it not just post for likes!

  • Darling, as a young woman in her early 50’s I can tell you that there is nothing better than helping a boy become a man.

    A man in his late teens to early twenties is still a boy. They need coaching on how to satisfy a woman. I find great satisfaction in training them up in the art of making love.

  • Only one time but luckily i locked the front door

  • Very hot! Any other hot sessions following this? Have you gotten close to being caught anytime by your husband?

  • I'm a RN and work for an 'at home' care company. I was 45 at the time and this happened before Covid.
    To assist with some heavy lifting, the company hired Jeff. He was 22 at the time and in the Marine Reserves. He's attractive, cocky and very muscular. He was very flirty with me from day one and I liked the attention. I'm not in great shape but I could loose a few pounds. To give a visual, I'm 36D and wear size medium scrub bottoms.
    On 4th of July, I'd told Jeff my son and husband were going to Myrtle Beach to play golf and I was staying at home. He invited me to his apartment complex party and watch the fireworks. I was hesitant at first thinking it would be a frat party. I agreed to the cookout when I found out it would be a family event.
    I wore a low cut white tank top with a knee length 'mom' khaki skirt with wedge heels. Jeff loved the outfit and being playful he introduced me as his 'date'. lol
    I had no intentions of staying that late but I did. We went to his apartment to watch the fireworks from his balcony. He squeezed my butt, we kissed then went to his bedroom for some of the best s** I'd had in years!!!
    I ended up spending the night.
    Funny part. I woke up early, stepped out to pick up a few groceries, cooked breakfast and started cleaning his apartment. When he woke up he jokingly asked me to marry him. Lol
    BTW: We hooked up a lot and often.
    It ended when he got accepted to welding school and moved away. We still message on FB.

  • That's amazing and your s** life shouldn't burn out like a candle wick. You only get one life so enjoy it. I hate to say but go find another guy that lists after you. You can still be a great mom and wife, you just have the escape every so often and feel sexy about yourself again!

  • Hot!

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