Tired of waiting

I wanted a baby. I am an attractive lady in my late 30's. On my 2nd marriage and have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. My husband has a low sperm count and things have not gone well. There was a chance but we were realistic that it was low.
I got tired of the disappointment. With all the medical help for the past 2 years I had the days for my best chance at pregnancy down to a science. Last month I made up a BS home project and hired one of my sons young friends to help. Getting him h**** and interested was easy. For a solid week I had him pumping his 18 year old sperm in me twice a day. I got what I wanted and enjoyed it as a bonus.
Yesterday I finally got my positive home test. My husband was so excited, as I plan to let him take credit for the pregnancy.

Mar 3

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  • You know, it's nice if you to let your husband take all the credit but be prepared for possible problems down the road that could arise. The major one is if a medical problem should pop up that's hereditary but diesn't exist on you or your husband's sife if the family. Also, today more and more people are getting genealogy dna test. Prepare for that.

    We have 2 daughters. While I am on the birth certificates of both, I am not their biological father.

  • Hot. I hope the young dude kinda looks like your husband! 🤣

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