One of many Fantasies fulfilled P2

Okay, so please read P1 before you commence reading this !
As I was saying , my petite wife mentioned a fantasy that she had about me coming home late from work or a boy's night out with a friend for few night caps which occasionally happened and she would already be in bed sleeping sprawled over the bed partly covered by a sheet with the bedroom door left open and se what develops with the visitor ? Our bedroom door is out of view to the lounge area but you could not help but look straight into the bedroom when passing to go to the loo which is out of view from the lounge as well !
I did not say much but when we were talking about it during foreplay the evening of her sharing this fantasy, her p**** was so wet and the p**** lips were firm and splayed out flat like petals from a flower and so smooth from all the fluid escaping her lovely tight minge followed by body shudders while her p**** pressed firmly against my finger which was running up and down the centre between her p**** lips which had now left her entry vulnerable to being penetrated and her c*** receiving a massage as it met my finger while her thighs moved in and out ever so gently with my wife's head tucked into the nape of my neck and warm heavy breathing followed by excitement noises and murmurs ! All I could smell was s**'s and knew this was one fantasy that I had to bring to life and was perfect to play off the cuff and what made it easier was my wife did not even mention anyone in particular she was thinking about in her fantasy ?
A few weeks went by and I was not one for going out a lot without my wife because our evenings out sometimes had some interesting off the cuff scenarios developing out of fresh air !
I asked my wife if she would like to go out for a drink and she declined saying she was not feeling in a sociable mood and would prefer to stay at home tonight ! So I went out for a few on my own promising not to be late and went to a place where I do not go at all, just for a change! I got talking to a black guy called Alfred and we seem to hit it off very well and he was well dressed and had good mannerism. One thing I could not help but notice is the one time we went to the loo for a pee Alfred pulled out this weapon of mass destruction and how proud it looked even at half mast with a black sheen to it and a huge head ? I thought to myself that once his private eye was in full blossom and erect even I would have trouble getting my laughing gear around it !
It got me thinking about my wife's fantasy and could this be the ideal situation someone she did not know who never moved in our circles but I was not sure about the different culture him being a man of color which kind of added a bit more spice and intrigue to the fantasy ? I was not even sure if he would be intimate with a Caucasian woman so I asked Alfred and he said that he had always wanted to but had not had the opportunity to do so? Anyway our evening was great and I had a good time with my new found friend and asked Alfred if he would like to come to the house for a night cap and he could get a taxi from my place home which he accepted. When we got back to my place my wife had already gone to bed as usual and I prepared a drink for my guest and went to the loo and noted the door to our bedroom was half closed but you could still see the bed with my wife laying on her back with the top sheet covering part of her naked body with her one b*** and her legs parted as if in the free fall position in full view and her nipple looking ever so perky ! What I planned to do is to keep everything private between all three of us, like he would not know that she knows anything and that I know anything and my wife would not know if I knew that he had been intimate with her as she has never said that she has had s**'s with a black guy ever or wanted to be bred so she may not want to share it with me that he had penetrated her with his huge black muscular c*** ?
Alfred went to the loo and this got me so excited and he was gone for a bit as well, so my mind was racing and on his return he said nothing and we continued to drink and talking a bit loud and Alfred was concerned that we would wake the wife up ? I told him that when my wife goes to bed she always takes a sedative to help her sleep which completely knocks her out and nothing would wake her up load enough for my wife to hear because I was keeping everything that went on private and I was the only one that really knew what had happened without them knowing that I did . I went to the toilet and to check on my wife and found the door had been opened a bit wider since he went to the loo and my wife was looking ever so inviting so I left the door as I found it ! I had to go to the car for my ciggies and told Alfred and see what would happen during my 5 to 10 min absence from within the house ? I went around to the bedroom window where i had left a parting between the curtains which gave me full view of my wife on the bed and the door way from the lounge which allowed some light to stream into the room onto the bed revealing my wife laying on the bed on her back with her one leg bent and the other straight allowing a bit of a gap where her soft p**** was hiding under the sheet ? I had not been gone for long when I saw Alfred enter the room and stand at the end of the bed just watching my wife lying on the bed looking so vulnerable and innocent with just the sheet covering her milky curvy petite body ! My legs felt weak and I was sure my wife's juices were in full flow by now but to what extent because she must know by now that he was black and as far as I am aware a black man had never seen her body almost naked ? She stirred a bit but only to try and get the sheet to expose more of her milky skin ? Alfred moved around to the side of the bed and lifted the sheet to expose her naked body fully and reached inside his trousers and brought out his weapon of mass destruction which had a girth the equivalent to the circumference of my wife' forearm maybe thicker , her small petite hands would never be able to wrap around this monster that had revealed it'self and such a long shaft with a head at the end which was far bigger/wider than the shaft which will fill my wife's little p**** by itself should it be given the opportunity ? He quickly returned to the lounge after a few minutes pretending to have gone to the toilet ! When I came back into the house I apologized to Alfred for taking so long but I could not find my ciggies and must have left them at the pub and I will have to go back and get them which is a 15 min drive there and another 15 mins back ? I asked him would he be able to wait which he said he would and if I took to long he would just call a taxi and go home ? So I left the house as far as he was concerned but I parked the car so no one could see it and headed back to the bedroom window ? All this time my wife had been listening to what was happening and I was going to leave her alone at home with this black stranger who she did not know from a bar of soap who was under the impression she was sedated and available to be penetrated and no one would know , not even me as far she was concerned because she heard the car leave and I would be gone for at least 30 mins ! I got back to the bedroom window and watched my wife's body squirming a bit before settling down but more skin was being revealed and after a few minutes Alfred entered the bedroom and removed his trousers and under wear ! His member must have been about 7 to 8 inches in length and looked like a as big as my wife's arm with a fist on the end ? I kept on thinking how this was going to get inside my wife's little love box ? He removed the sheet from my wife and admired her milky skin against his pitch black monster and moved towards he face where her lips were parted and looked like her mouth was inviting his p**** and I could see her lips were moist as well ? I cannot tell you how I was feeling at this moment witnessing all this all I know I was finding it difficult to stand up and I was getting ready to blow my load !
I am not sure of how it was achieved but my wife's mouth managed to get the whole head into her mouth and took quiet a length of his shaft, his head must have been pressing all side of her mouth but remained as if she were sedated and unknowing to what was being done to her by a stranger who had not even engage in any communication with her ever ? Suddenly his c*** convulsed and he as he started too withdraw it from my wife's sleeping mouth I noticed that he had e********* in her mouth and there appeared to be loads of s**** flowing out because I could see my wife's throat moving as if to swallow and there was a little trickle coming from the corner of her mouth ! It was lovely to watch this black c*** e********** into my wife's mouth and for all I know this maybe he first time ever and history was in the making ! This made me blow my load in my trousers and I was so weak at the knees !
I then watched as he stood up straight and I could see his member was still as large as life and as stiff as can be which shocked me because mine would go soft and then you would need to work on it to get it sturdy once more ? He moved down to her legs and separated her thighs very wide like a frog pinned to a board on it's back leaving her little flower very vulnerable to being exploited and probed ! I could see her fluids flowing between her p**** lips which had firmed up and opened up to allow entry into her , my wife looked so vulnerable but also exciting knowing she thought she was alone and so did he and neither would have to admit that anything happened should they wish not to ? I was sure he was going to keep quiet ! See you in part 3

Mar 3

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