Born a boy in I was raised as a girl and live as a woman today

I grew up in small town, village really, in a large family of boys. My mother treated me like a girl and I wore girl clothes. I wore my hair long, in braids and I answered to Ericka a girl name. In grade school the boys made fun of me and girls thought I was weird. It's not like anyone was fooled, in my town everyone knew my mother had only boys buy raising me as a girl was because she always wanted a girl and never got her.

In junior high and high school I was more accepted as a girl by the other girls. Mind you, while they blossomed I didn't, so I wore padded bras and more than once a girl would help me straighten out. I never participated in sports and I grew up with narrow shoulders and I walked like a girl because I always did. In high school one girl was curious if I had a p**** or not and I showed her and she showed me what a girl really looked like. I can't say the girl part was interesting to me. By then I wore my p**** in a sling to keep it behaved and not show.

I went on my first date with a boy, I let him kiss me and feel me up, he made me e********. I had to put out, which meant letting him take me from the back. I dated him for two years and at school we were a couple and no one said anything much about it. Maybe curious as how we had s**, but we weren't pushed around.

When I was 19 my draft number came up and I was asked if I was 'q****'. I said no, not really and I joined the Army and went go basic training. I reverted to my girl self when I was home but not in the Army. I was assigned as a clerk to Germany and avoided Viet Nam. On my trips home I dressed as a girl and went out. But on base and everything Army I was strictly regulation dress.

I am both gay and not gay, if you can get it. Gay enough to date men when I'm a woman, but not gay in the sense that I never date men dressed as a man. It sometimes took my 'date' a moment to figure out that I was a special girl. I was always a girl in every sense with them and if I liked them it sometimes ended up in s**, and I could certainly entertain s** with them, it's just not what they think when we start dating. I had no problem getting dates. There are many men who like dating girls like me.

I am retired now and live in Carlsbad and I 'date' regularly and I have men who look me up. I have lived all my life as a girl and I have no problem 'pulling it off'. I go by Erika and I have can make a man enjoy the evening and my company. And at this age I meet men who enjoy being with a woman like me, not surprised at all if we find that we get along well enough to get amorous and enjoy each other's company.

Mar 10, 2022

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  • I am glad you could be the girl your mom never had, and can be the woman many men need, even if you have to wake them up to that fact. Happy loving and living to you

  • We dressed our son in girly clothes until he reached puberty

  • Hello Erica, you sound lovely!! I am much the same and have lived as female since my early teens.
    I am now retired and I adore being a senior "lady" wearing expensive lingerie and glamorous dresses.
    I have a group of men friends who visit, take me for dinner and who usually end up in my bed.
    Sarah XX

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