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I run an in home massage/Esthetics salon, Over the years I have provided many services from lashes to hair cutting to massages but...Waxing became my go to, I have waxed hundeds of clients and am excessively good at it. One afternoon my sister was getting a massage and my husband arrived home, We heard him usptairs and he texted to ask if I was with a client as he always does, I said yes and told him "It's just my sister", I asked if she was ok with him coming in and she said yes. He walked in and talked to me for a second and I noticed him take a very obvious look under her towel, After he left I walked around and took a look, Her underwear were see through so he had a pretty good look.
I questioned him on it later and he admitted it and apologized but there was something about it, I later invited him back in with one of my friends and I looked right at him and motioned to her under the towel area, He bit his lip, walked past her feet and took a look, He looked at me and gave me a look of approval. I didn't know why but it got me a little excited but there weren't many opportunities to do anything else until I started looking for an assistant, I had more clientel than I could handle alone so I posted an add looking for a waxing trainee.
My husband met the first one and that night he asked me if I had ever been asked to wax a male clients privates, I told him I had but had turned it down and I instantly asked if he would let his privates be waxed, He jumped at the opportunity and 6 hours later he was on the table, No pants whith his c*** out, I explained to my 20 year old trainee that this was a service I planned on offering and I needed to see how she would do. My husband is...Packing but he is a grower, Not a shower so she gloved up and got started, She was very shy about touching him so I told her she would have to get comfortable with it and she grabbed his p****, I kept watching out of the corner of my eye as she man handled him and he started to get hard.
About half way through she looked at me and I looked down, he was hard and her hand didn't even wrap all the way around it I looked at him and gave him a playfully scornful look and then looked at her and said "Ok, Well, That's going to be something that will happen, Surprisingly there is a stimulation effect for men when having waxing done, It will also happen with women but not as often", She nodded and continued on and I could actually see her breathing start to change and her skin start to glisten as she started to sweat. She finished the wax and called me over, I had her apply a lotion to the skin after and she did the whole shaft and b**** and I think I probably had a wet spot in my pants from talking to her and telling her how to massage his shaft and b**** with the lotion.
That night we had amazing s** and the next day my new assistant quit, I have since interviewed 25 assistants from 18 to 40 and hired one, My husbands shaft and b**** have never been softer and our s** life has never been better, I think I get more out of watching them than he does to be honest

Mar 9

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  • My doctor told me I should get waxed for my AAA surgery, so I called the local hair salon that does waxing in the back room.
    They quoted me $75 bucks, I hesitated, and I think she picked up on that.
    She told me if I would allow her trainee to be present, she would do it for only $50. I went for it.
    The lady that runs the salon is nice looking, about 50 or so, same age as me. Her new trainee looked to me to be barely out of high school, younger then my daughters.
    The idea of being naked in front of a young girl gave me pause. Then during the session, try as I might I could NOT stop my erection, I was even trying to concentrate on working on my car. Let's face it, soft hands moving the d*** around gets things going.
    The owner had the young gal do the lotion, she started in, and probably not her plan, her hand began what is an automatic motion, she had a good enough grip my foreskin came back.
    The older lady said something to her, she instantly stopped, her face flaming.
    Another few seconds and she would have given me a happy ending.

  • Something about the pain/pleasure thing in the brain. When I get waxed and feel the sting shoot through me I immediately get eroused and wet. When I had my navel pierced, I orgasmed when the needle was pushed through. I am not one to incorporate pain into my s** life but certain pain certainly changes my mood.

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