John simon

I hate Asian food, that includes curry. Curry all tastes the same and looks like diarrhea, comes out the same too. Chinese food is disgusting, everything fried in gutter oil and stuffed with msg, 100 spices and chilies to hide the fact that the meat is rotten. Served with boring rice and noodles. Give me steak and potatoes and vegetables, c'mon real men where are you?

Mar 14

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  • Funny you know about gutter oil...

    Bump steak and potatoes. Heart cloggers. Eat your fruits and veggies man. Exercise. So you dont like curries at all. AND? Be concerned with your body and health.

  • Healthy food is the only food anyone should be eating. You know why Indians stink so bad? It's cuz they don't shower often, and all the spices in the food they eat makes them sweat more. Chinks are also smelly and have bad teeth, cuz it doesn't matter to them, they'll pick up a cockroach scuttling on the floor and chew out its juices. PS I don't like all that greasy carby soy-ridden C**** food. No wonder chinks emit negative energy.

  • Funny how you have a low opinion of them. You are human just like them. No different.

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