I Hate Pakistanis and Indians!

I hate b***** Pakis, all those from Pakistan should be burnt to death! When I see a Paki coming, I don't even want to look them in the eye, their eyes look like excrement that had been mixed with expired milk. They stink of Sh*t and Curry and I HATE the smell of CURRY! B***** indian curry lover. All Indian Curry lovers should be burnt to death! Most Indian and Paki girls are flat chested and they have black p****** they try to bleach! Most indian females have black p**** that smells of expired curry. A lot of indian men have black p**** that they try to bleach and stinks of expired curry. Most Pakis and Indians are dark brown in skin colour and they can stay a sh*t skin colour for ever, how ever hard they try to bleach, they won't go red in complexion like my kind. I'm part Jewish by the way and I just hate South Asians.Most south asians are Ugly and waiting to get f*cked before they die. All Western and Eastern Asians are beautiful! No South Asian can beat the beauty in Europe, America, Australia and Africa, they need plastic surgery!



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  • I agree ignore all these indian paki lovers

  • Ur mamma would b so ashamed to hear this comment from u & would regret throwing her white pair of legs wide apart up in the air only to load some curry s*** from a curry chef in the curry land this is how u were born


  • Lol I think someone got dumped by an Asian woman.

  • You know your really stupid? Would u like it if I called your people ugly? Not all south Asians are like that so fck off

  • Wow.......Noone cares

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