All men are rapists

When we say all men are rapists we don’t mean all men but it’s enough men that when we walk alone we have to have weapons or get ready to fight it’s enough men that a lot of us don’t let our kids play outside

Feb 19, 2021

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  • "When we say all gays are mentally ill we don’t mean all gays but"

    "When we say all blacks are violent we don’t mean all blacks but"

    "When we say all women are hysterical baby crazy psychos we don’t mean all women but"

    NO. NO NO NO. You don't get to be as ugly as the other side and think you can get away with it. If you use most of the same words but only change a couple of nouns you are JUST AS BAD AS THEY ARE, you sexist cuntislava

  • I would if there was zero chance of getting caught, so, with DNA and modern forensics, guess I'll just have to fantasize about doing it.

  • What a stupid sexist comment

  • Punctuate your sentences properly before spewing your ignorance, b****!

  • I sure hope so i enjoy coc k

  • What afuck

  • When we say all people who can't comprehend or use punctuation are idiots, we don't mean all illiterates-- but it's enough.

    Hey, painting an entire group with one broad brush is fun! I'll bet you think you're anti-racist, too! After all, that's the exact same thing.

  • Human being was born because of the f****** act. An erect p**** and open v***** in close encounter.

  • I can't say that your fears aren't justified. If you think that things are bad now, and getting worse, then just wait until after the debt bubble implodes. Over 50 years of socialism, a debased currency and feminist fantasies have produced a fertile breeding ground for the types of men you are most afraid of.

  • I think that enough women are crazy b****** who lie about rape, to safely assume that ALL women are crazy b****** who lie about rape.

  • See, I have been raped, and I agree with the sentiment of this statement even though I know it isn't factually true. OP is displaying some really stupid and ugly thinking, and it is precisely that kind of lack of critical thinking ability that has society in such a bumblefuck right now.

  • Ask yourself when will there be so little that you aren't afraid anymore. Probably never because you've been conditioned to be ever vigilant and afraid, which is especially sad considering that we are living in a golden age of peace.

  • Golden age of peace ? Our own Country is killing itself nobody likes each other also just last week a man raped a 101 year old lady because she didn’t have anything to rob so far in 2021 40 kids already went missing and 4 came up raped by men and in South Dakota it’s self many women get raped don’t say anything about it your the problem

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