I like showing my goodies to men

My early recollections of feeling good was as a child when I rubbed myself against the carpet. I had to rub hard, but I must have rubbed just right because it felt really good. The next memory I have was when I was eleven and we were at the beach with family. An uncle was tickling us (girls) and he pinned me down on a bed and he tickled me inside my thighs and I opened my legs wide, really wide and he looked at my panties and slid his hand down to where my thighs meet my crotch. I felt things, down there. I showed him my panties several more times during that vacation but he told me to keep my legs together, but I couldn't I had to show him.

Later on, after graduation from high school I went on a trip to Europe with my family. It was hot that summer and I wore a short dress and that day when we were going around Milan I decided not to wear shorts under my skirt. Just panties. We were sitting taking a rest and this man at the next table kept looking at my legs and I opened my legs and let him look at my panties. I got aroused. Very aroused, I had never gotten wet like that. I did the same on the train from Rome to Florence, I let an old man with his wife look at my panties, I opened and closed my legs. I put my backpack across my legs and felt myself while he looked under my skirt.

In college I was a flasher, I wore skirts and dresses, always sheer panties and thongs, sat in an unladylike manner and let the boys get an eyeful. I also went without a bra and gave boys a nipple look whenever the opportunity was there. My roommate noticed and I told her I liked it, why didn't she try? On one night when we went out I went commando. I made sure I was properly groomed, not too much hair and let these boys sitting across from us in the waiting area before being seated get a good look at a girl's down under.

I work for an advertising firm, most of the guys are gay. But we have this one man, he is much older and he runs the accounts department (not accounting, marketing accounts). He is the definition of a perv. He likes panty shots, titty shots, big brown nipple shots. If I take the time to give myself a very close shave I go commando and I let him drool. I wish he would just grab me one day and show me who's boss. It's all his, all he has to do is go for it.

Mar 21

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  • I know how you feel. I've been the same way since I was young. It was pretty innocent and harmless when I was real young and ignorant but now I deliberately plan my outfits and know exactly how to move to flash. One time at a bar a few years ago everyone was drunk and rowdy. The outfit I was wearing had a deep V front to my waist. All I had to do was bend down and anyone looking got an eyeful. I drunkenly stumbled into this guy sitting at the bar when I walked by and when he grabbed me to catch me from falling my top pulled open exposing my b*** completely. He said something like aren't you a naughty girl. I turned around and wiggled my butt and said I guess I need a spanking. He leaned me over his bar stool and swatted my bottom. I reached around to act like I was trying to protect my butt and pulled my skirt up a little. He could see I wasn't wearing anything underneath. I was so effing h**** and wet the rest of the night.

  • When I was in my early forties, a girl of just 23 flirted with me at work. She was an exhibitionist and Never wore panties. The first time she exposed herself to me I didn't know how to respond. It happened again and again. Then she asked me to take her out for a drink after work. I had to lie to my wife about working late but that first "date" was the beginning of some very sexy adventures...starting with her masturbating herself in my car as we drove to the bar, where things got even crazier...the relationship lasted over a year when I accepted a promotion that moved us across country. That move saved my marriage!

  • It's a pity people get so uptight about flirting and perving. To me a guy perving is natural and harmless. It's a different matter if he touches or keeps making advances after you say no. But wtf if you don't want the guys to perv, just wear baggy daggy clothes.

  • Hoi beech ya goen a get fickt.

    NB: Prophet Muhammad is serving roast pork in h***. Care to join?

  • NB: Prophet Muhammad, best of of God's creation apparently, had an a******. Angels & demons don't have a*******. Come on!

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