Mom. Used us sexual.

I'm 43 and my sister Jill is 45 and weights about 225 pounds. Our mother made us always be naked and made us shared a bedroom and a bed. Mom started using us sexually at a young age. Mostly we preformed oral s** on her. She made Jill do most of the oral.

She told her no man will want a fat girl like you, so learn to eat p****. Mom was wrong, I thought Jill was the most beautiful girl in the world.

As I got bigger mom wanted my c***. Sucking it and making me try to f*** her with my small c***.

Finally, at 14 I came in my mother. After that she made Jill and I, go 69 with Jill forced to swallow my c** . Mom would watch Masterbating the whole time.

When Jill was 17, mom forced us to have s**. I just focused on Jill and whispered to her." It just us Jill, pretend she not here. I love only you. You are so beautiful. You have my heart." We made love.

Mom got off watching us make love.

About once a week, mom would sit on the bed in front of Jill while f***** Jill doggie style. She would guide Jill's mouth to her p****. And Jill would eat her until she came.

This went on from 5 years. Until mom died I was 21 and Jill was 23.

When getting rid of Mom's things we discovered her journals, and were shocked to learn our father was our late uncle Jerry Mom's older brother.

They had been f****** since she was 10 and he was 25. She want to recreate what happened with him.

Jill and I are still together, there can be no other person for either of us.

We love each other so much, and make love constantly to forget what mom did to us.


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  • We are twin sisters aged 12 and we have s ex together. We walk around the house naked together as do mum and dad. We love each other and are inseparable. We tongue kiss and smoke on the lounge suite and drink and play with each others pus sys and t its and our parents couldn't give a flying f uck.

  • Luckily you both are healthy.Incest can result in deformities and obesity isn't one of them.

  • The risk of deformities is only slightly higher. Always best to use birth control with family

  • What you say is true. Have you ever considered the fact that the children of a couple suffering from congenital blindness will also suffer the same?, Similarly so with a couple with congenital heart disease. Yet politicians allow them to marry and have children. So much for the self-seeking scum who make our laws! In several countries in Western Europe, sexual relationships with close family member is permitted. In the UK, same-s** marriage is permitted, but a son's sexual relationship with his mother is not. This tells me everything about UK law makers.

  • If you guys are happy, and still together, you might consider that in a strange way, she did you both a huge favor. Good luck to you both!

  • When my dad died my mum turned to me for love and affection, including s**. I was 16 at the time and I am totally ok with it. I think it helped us both through a difficult time. I think this is when incest is a good thing.

  • Always better and safer vis a vis affairs with outsiders.Your mom chose the best option.Why look afar?

  • Wow.

  • After our mother died our father used us in a similar way.

    My brother and I ran away when I was 16 and he was 14. We live on the west coast now as a husband and wife, we are in our 40's now. We have tried but neither of us can find happiness or sexual satisfaction without each other.

    My brother is the only man who has ever made me c**. I'm feel dead inside without him.

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