Interracial hotel takeover...

Have any others ever attended a swinger function called a "hotel takeover"? I attended one a few weeks ago and it was pretty overwhelming.
Imagine this. Basically it was a small hotel. This was planned a long time in advance. The entire hotel was booked for the purpose of the party. Mostly white couples and white single females booked rooms. The group organizing the event had MANY black males showing up to enjoy a buffet of s** with white females.
As for me, I am a trans female. Not quite 100% passable but close. I was nervous but booked a room anyway just to see if I could fit in and have some fun. Nothing in the description of the event that limited me.
The rules were kind of like this. If you left your room door open you were inviting all men to stop by and enjoy. If your door was closed you were engaged in fun or were off limits.
Well I dressed in my sluttiest outfit and left my door open. Light dim and me on the bed. About 20 minutes into the start of the event the first guy walked into my room. He let me give him head for a few minutes before he pulled away and said he wanted to check things out, but he would be back.
As the night went on the crowd grew. After the first guy took the initiative and bent me over the side of the bed that was just the start. Guy after guy came in my room and used my little boy hole. Some just tried me without getting off, but the others LOVED breeding me! God I felt it the next day but it was worth it. I will do this again.

Mar 23, 2022

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  • There’s a very private festival each year in Vegas that I worked three years
    You had to be invited. This entire floor was closed off. I was one of three guys that could go up there
    White men would bring their beautiful gorgeous wives there and watch them with the very selected black Mandingos
    It took me a while to finally understand or care
    These white women would get gang banged by these guys or even just one guy
    I remember so vividly how huge and long these black guys c**** were.
    I saw things never imaginable. The husbands would be watching smoking their cigars and drinks (scotch) some jerking off , some joining
    I remember thinking omg these women are unbelievably gorgeous… all of them . When I figured it all out I then knew why I was made to sign a waiver to never discuss. I did this for three years and it was almost the only thing I looked forward to

  • I am a bi guy. Black men do make wonderful lovers don't they? Glad you enjoyed yourself and I hope you were not too weak afterwards. Out of curiosity, what did you wear?

  • Please commence the Ramadan season with a ham sandwich and a can of beer. Also salute your dog by presenting him Quranic verses scribbled onto a foolscap paper.

  • When I say black men are good lovers, I mean good but vigorous ones.

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