Changing our relationship

Last night I attended a family wedding and was staying in a rented cabin with my sister and her husband, My sister is 40, Her husband 45 and I am 32. Waaayy too much booze and my sister catches a ride back to the cabin with my mom and dad and two family friends, My brother in law stays with me since we both wanted to drink a bit more so we carry on and an hour or maybe more later decide to pack it in for the night. We are walking back since no rides were available and it is about a 10 city block walk, It seemed like a good idea at the time but about halfway I was regretting my decision, Anyway it's at a lake and there is a path we can walk to get there so we are stumbling along, Talking and laughing and intentionally not being queit because we were slightly concerned that there may be some wild life in the area and didn't want to get mauled to death.
About halfway I had to pee so I announced that and stumbled off the path to find a spot to squat, I came back and he was just stepping out from behind a tree doing up his pants, We both laughed at the sillness of the situation and carried on our merry way, For some reason I just got an image of his d*** in my mind, I don't even know why but I just kept thinking about it and then I got the idea that I wanted to do something totally out of character and flash him. I knew we had about 3 blocks to go and said I had to pee again. I went behind a couple trees and my mind started racing, I was nervous and scared trying to figure out what to do and so I took off my panties and did my thing then moved to a different spot and put them back on, I whispered to him, He whispered back and I said "Help", He came around the tree and I was standing leaning against the tree with my panties at my ankles and he stopped and looked at me, I pretended to not be able to squat without falling and he laughed and said "What the f*** Shelly?", I said "Fuuuuck, I need help" and he asked what I wanted, I told him to come closer and held out my hands, He took my hands and I stepped out of my panties kicking them aside and squatted down pulling him down to squat also, He looked the other way and said "Oh my gawd, Haha, What the f***?", I leaned back against the tree and said "Shhhh, I have a shy bladder", He sat giggling and holding my hands and I said "F***, I don't think I can", He said "Ok, Are we done?", And that was when I said "I don't know...Mabe if you just look and get it over with I won't be shy anymore", He instantly turned and looked me right in the eyes and froze, I laughed and said "What?", He said "Seriously?", I shrugged and said "Do you want to?".
There was a silent moment where we just looked at each others eyes, Holding hands and then I spread my knees and his eyes looked down, I sat there watching his face, He gulped and bit his bottom lip, I whispered "Do you want to watch?", He looked around and looked back at me and nodded, It's a good thing I was able to a little bit so I peed, Squatting behind a tree with my brother in law squatting in front of me holding my hands, It was more than I expected and he stared the whole time until I was done. I shook a bit and then reached for my panties, I used them to wipe and giggled when I said "this is awkward", we just sat there with me still holding one of his hands and my legs were spread, I took his hand and put it on my....Vag and it was on, Kissing, Fingering and then next thing I knew I was up against the tree holding it as he slid in me from behind, I spread my feet when i came and he came right after me, I was dripping me and him and he was thrusting and grunting with each thrust and then pulled out, I found my panties again and wiped and then we stared at each other.
I don't remember what really happened between that and us starting to walk again but we were holding hands and I could see the cabins at the end of the path and stopped, turned to him and said "F*** me again, please" and we defiled a picnic table, I have never been so embarrassed and satisfied and scared and h**** at the same time, I don't even know why I did it or if I want to do it again or not or what's going on in my brain right now but it happened, I have to deal with that and so does he but we need to talk, Sooner rather than later before he gets an attack of conscious or something and tells my sister.

Mar 25

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  • He won’t tell your sister. That will ruin his marriage.

    But you can use this to your advantage. If he is a good f*** you can hold this over him every time you need some of that BIL c***

  • I went to a family wedding last fall and the flowergirl was a cousin of ours who was 14.She was dressed like a 'little girl' in a white,puffy,short sleeve,midthigh length flowergirl dress and veil with lace socks and white patent leather shoes.Before the ceremony,i saw her lift up the front of her dress and saw that she had a cloth diaper and plastic pants with ruffles across the back,that she was showing to a woman.After she was done,i went over to her and told her what i just saw and she said that it is a diaper and plastic pants and that they were put on her to make her feel cute and little girlish for her role as flowergirl! I asked her whose i dea it was for her to wear them and she said it was the bride and her mom's doing!

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