Confessions that make get me aroused

My girlfriend and I started reading these types of confessions. I admit that we do that in bed with barely nothing on. She likes to get aroused by what she reads and that gets her excited. She is very oriented to reading p*** as opposed to watching it. I never got into p***, not even in college. To me it has always been the real thing, seeing her, undressing her, kissing her. I like to groom her pubic region, I am not into a baby bottom smooth girl, I like her with short hair but very little, enough but I want to see her full lips. I get turned on by the naked her, not some picture or some story she reads to me.

But there are stories that make me wince and turn me on. Stories of girls who are taken into a warehouse, or a parking lot, especially if they are young. That lose their virginity that way at the hands of a criminal. I say I wince because that is what happened to me when I was 16. I worked at a fast food restaurant and wore a uniform. This guy with a motorcycle hung around and when I got off he followed me home. He saw me open the door with a key and he followed me in asking if anyone was home. After walking around the house, we lived in small three bedroom, he came out and told me I had won the lottery.

He took his boots and pants off and told me to go to him and show him some love. He took the belt out of the pants and whipped the couch and told me to get over there and start sucking and show him what a good little b**** I was. He whipped me three times and I got on my knees. It was disgusting but I did it anyway. I knew that he was going to take my virginity. I held onto my panties as long as I could until they tore and he took them off. I had lived in my house all my life and I had never been naked in the den. He was naked, he had taken everything off.

When he told me to lay down I got on the carpet and laid down on my back and opened my legs. I decided that I would just give in and he would leave. He ate me first, making sounds like a dog eating and then got on me and took my virginity. I was surprised that it didn't hurt. And then I went into an o*****, my first and it wouldn't stop, it went on and on, he kept saying 'you like that b****' and then he put his hand on my chest and made this ugly face and he came and came, his face turned red and he said 'oh b**** you got a good p****'.

He did leave, where he went and who he was I don't know. All I know is that when I read about some girl like me I get extremely aroused, it is the only time I think about a man having s** with me. It takes me a while to work down the arousal. My girlfriend doesn't know about him, in fact I never told anyone. That's why when she reads about these types of confessions I get very aroused and I have to stuff my d**** in me. Like right now, I'm sitting on it and working myself into an o*****. It never fails, these types of confessions.

Mar 28

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  • I like the gay confessions. I also like the ones when people are weak (men or women).

  • Muhammad raped baby Hassan and baby Hussein, and now, half of all Muslim males are named after him. How the fock did that happen?

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