Kept woman in a very unlikely situation

I am a kept woman, the words my mother uses. I didn't go looking for a man to keep me. I was working as an entry level bank clerk in the back office and my mother's 15 year old car didn't start and this man who worked there in a suit helped me out with jumper cables. After he got the car started he sat in it and said he couldn't let me drive away in that piece of junk. The next day he took me to a Honda dealer and bought me a car. That's how it started.

Then he moved me into an apartment, with covered parking away from the street. He kept a key and he sent me code words to let me know he was coming. I had a code words for when I was on my period and a different code word if I was held up, but sometimes he came anyway and I gave him oral s**.

I got transferred to another bank location, with a raise and a promotion. He came by almost every night, if nothing else just to see me and get a quickie b******. Sometimes he spent all night. Then one night he had me call his wife to tell her he wasn't coming home. That's when I learned that he had told her all along, from the day he bought me the car. She knew when he was over, when he stopped on the way home, when he bought me gifts, which she selected to be age appropriate and appropriate for my lifestyle.

He talked about me at home, he and his wife talked about me and what he was going to do with me. He had to keep me, he couldn't let me get away and she insisted that if he did he was to do it right, keep me in a nice place and driving a nice car and properly dressed and never leave me without money, a woman should never have to beg for money. I didn't know it until then that she balanced his bank accounts and she went over the credit card statement of the credit card he gave me. She called me his special girl.

One day there was a lunch, arranged by her. She wanted to meet me and my mother. We went to this steak house and sat in a table in the back where we could talk. She asked a thousand questions, nothing about s**, all about what I wanted to do with my future. After that lunch she and my mother got together to plan for me to go to college. Which they paid for.

To put it this way, let's forget a little about the pandemic, we had Thanksgiving with them every year, and she took me into the kitchen to slice the pie and serve the table. She sliced a piece and had me fix a coffee for her husband and she told me 'always serve the man you love', and make sure he sees that you are 'serving' him.

I am a kept woman, I am 32 years old now and I have been kept since I was 18. Before the pandemic they bought my mother a condominium so she would have a place of her own. It was a lifesaver for her, not living in an apartment complex. He comes by announced, unannounced, he has a key and walks in, if I have company he kisses me anyway. I don't work for the bank anymore, that became 'complicated', I work for one of their big clients, I went to work for them after getting my degree. I talk to his wife two or three times a week, family stuff. If he is going to stay the night she tells me to treat him right, to make sure he wants to cling to me.

It was while I was in college that my mother told me that they were close to a divorce, until I came along and now she had someone to worry about.

Mar 29

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  • If this is true it is an amazing complex situation

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