CFNM First Time

This is from last week. A total new experience for me the male and 6 females.

We live in Indonesia. A Muslim majority nation. I am a Caucasian male, 47 and my wife is Indonesian, 41. We both are fully aware that many in Indonesia lead one style public life and a completely different private life away from the eyes of others who will judge them negativity.

My wife got an email from a woman in another part of Indonesia from where we are located. It was an invitation to start a CFNM event and explained how it was happening in other cities. The woman said she git my wife's email from a woman in Jakarta. We just have no idea who. The first email told of how it was happaning in other cities and included an invitation to find out more if my wife wanted to know more details. My wife answered with a simple, tell me more.

The second email got into more details. Naked male serving clothed females. The male's roll is to serve and accept all teasing and humiliations directed at them. Foot and shoulder massages included. There is no s** contrary to what you find on the internet. My wife shared both mails with me since I speak only a little of the language. She was laughing about it and saying hiw there is no way something like that could happen in the society we live in. She has a bunch of female friends but wasn't sure she could even tell them about this.

She,we have one close female friend that we and her are comfortable talking about anything. My wife let her read the emails. She was shoked something like that occurs here. We discussed it and said she doubted online would join in. I asked her if she could look at it in a way that might bring a service to women? I explained that she should look at it as a woman, like the majority of women here where men rule. Women are asked questions only if no male is near to ask. Males rule and females stand back. What if, for a particular amount if time, females ruled? What if females could say anything they want with no feedback to a male while that male waits in them? She started changing her view of it. She added that there is no way the male could be nude. My wife asked, what if in skimpy clothing. Shorts and tee. Our friend said maybe.

The women set out to introduce the idea if a female dominance over males idea. Some of their friends said yes. From there they decided that my wife, our good friend, and 4 other females could be involved. They put it together, our home, snacks, beverages, and a few party favors. Only problem, no males they knew would ever allow females to tease and humiliate him. The group decided that my wife should ask me since I am a good natured guy. My wife approached me and after a little thought, I agreed.

The night came, all 6 females were their with 4 of them in hijab which makes me nervous. I appear with my little shorts and a tight tee. They applauded. Damn. I went about getting them their snacks and beverages and they were pretty complimentary. Easy. My wife started the teasing with pointing out I could lose some weight. Our friend agreed and added a few negatives about my body. The others loosened up and some actually yelled at me. I couldn't understand most of what was said to me so I just kept nodding and smiling. One of the younger ladies, maybe late 20s actually reached out and put her hand on the outside of my shorts over my d***. She looked at my wife and asked if OK. My wife said yes. Then I had like 10 hands rubbing me.

2 hours in and the women are all taking. I an standing in front of them. My wife was leading the conversation. She got up, stood right behind me and leaned into my ear. She told me she made an offer to everyone and all were in agreement. Before I could ask what it was, she pulled down my shorts. Something I really wasn't expecting. Then it started, the touching which was allowed but the humiliation about my d*** srarted. Looks worthless, too small, so cute, is that from the child's menu? The words I couldn't understand but I liked the pulling and pinching and so I got hard. Hard and precum started dripping out. The humiliation still continued. They were really into it. Ha, so was I. Funny, I am almost 7 inches hard and I learned they loved telling me how small I was just to humiliate. Indonesian men are not too well known as being good size but they shure can't humiliate their husbands.

3 hours and all over. Everyone hugged and laughed before leaving. They learned I took it all and they said they all felt better because of it. A couple added I really wasn't that small down there. Said my wife was lucky.

They are already planning another in a month or so. They are working on finding another male to join me and a few more females. I'm looking forward to it.

Apr 1

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  • I was only nude in front of 1 woman (my sister in law) but it was on purpose. I wanted her to see and I wanted to make sure she saw. There was an occasion where I thought she saw me nude but she could have still been sleeping so I wanted to get her reaction for sure. I was home alone and I knew she was coming to the house. I waited nude for her and made sure I was large but not hard. When she came in the house I came downstairs. When I came into view she covered her eyes but I saw her peeking between ( as I was looking directly in her face). When I stopped I was 5 feet from her. I said 'you don't have to hide your eyes, you see nude men at work (nursing home) all the time'. She pointed at my c*** and said "not like THAT!" I made small talk to keep her there as long as possible which was probably 5 minutes. She was looking me up and down the whole time. She told my wife and she laughed about it. My sis in law was much nicer to me after that day. I wish I knew how many times she came thinking about me.

  • Muhammad, Abu Baker and all his companions had wild drugfuelled orgies every night. Fluck Islam!

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