Sleep fetish

Crazy girls keep the world going round! Years ago before I was married I had a live in girlfriend for about a year. She had depression issues and God knows what else. She took a ton of meds. One of the pills she took for sleep and I think it could knock out an adult moose. Every night by 10pm she was in a coma and wouldn't stir if there was a fire. Well one night I was super h**** and didn't care if she was unconscious. I pulled her panties down and f***** her. In her condition there was no complaining or objecting so I did something she would never let me do. I flipped her over and f***** her in the ass. It was great, I never came so hard! The next morning being naked and having a sore c** filled ass she knew what happened. To my surprise it REALLY turned her on. She made me describe what I did as she f***** me again.
I started doing it often and even started filming as I used her. We would watch it the next day as we had s** again. The more extreme I got the more it turned her on. She gave me the green light to do anything to her as long as she was unconscious. And boy I did! When it got to the point I was fisting her and shoving a large softball bat in her I knew I had gone as far as I could one on one.
One day I turned on the video from the previous night and she got the surprise. I arranged for a group of 6 men to use her. It was amazing! They did everything to her including double penetration. One of the guys had a really big d***. He kept telling me how condoms don't fit him and he begged me to do her raw. She wasn't on birth control and I made sure all the guys suited up. Finally I agreed. I took the camera and filmed it close up as he shoved his giant c*** in her little p**** until he unloaded. When he pulled out I got an amazing shot of all that c** leaking out of her. It made her so hot.
A few weeks later I decided to push things too far. She was always kind of racist and didn't like black people. I managed to find 4 black guys and let them use her all night. I told them about her not liking black people so they were really rough and verbal with her. And the biggest surprise she got. I let all of them f*** her bareback. They shot load after load in her p**** as they joked about giving her a black baby. When she saw the video the next day she was furious. Not to mention she actually did get knocked up that night.
God I miss her...

Apr 1

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  • Every woman's got a hole to f*** with and a hole to speak with. It is against the teachings of God to enter through the backdoor, and it is against nature. Sorry trannies, you can be effeminate but you'll never be female.

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