How can I be in love so much

I live in Austin and my roommate moved out and I had to find another roommate or find another place to live. A friend from work told me she had a friend with an extra bedroom and it's own bath. The condo is in a very good location and when I went to see it is very updated and furnished. The man is single and works in tech. The price was right, he was nice enough, the room is big enough for me to have a desk for when I have to work remote. I took the room for six months. That was in November and I moved in January.

I should say I'm 25 and graduated from college in 2019 and moved to Austin right after graduation, before the pandemic set in. This man I am living with is 36. Since I moved in I have this need to straighten up, to clean. I also cook for us. I do both our laundries.

My friend tells me I'm nesting. I'm possessive and jealous if he pays attention to another female. He has never brought a woman here and I dread the idea. I have taken my pillow to his bed. In the morning for breakfast, I fix the coffee and set the table, I never wear a bra under my nightshirt. I have gone commando, I keep myself very nicely shaven so I know it's not gross when he gets a peek up my skirt.

He's told me I'm too young for him, it's nice having me housewife for him, but I still need to grow up. That the last thing he needs right now is a pregnant girl buying baby furniture. I've assured him, more than assured him, that I can control it, it's a phase I'm in, all girls get baby fever. But it's all I seem to talk to him about, I want a baby, is that crazy? Yesterday was a nice day and he took me for a walk in the park and we saw this young couple, she was very noticeably pregnant. He told me to calm down and focus on making the bed and preparing the coffee in the morning. One step at a time.

Apr 1

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