Why Are Indians Indians?!

I f****** hate all indians in this world or anywhere else in the universe. This includes all indo-pak(banglas, pakis- indians genetics). They stink. They love littering the Earth. They love to bear envy. They always stare at others who aren’t indians like extreme pervs. They’re rapists. They don’t know hygiene. Westerners are giving too many chances to these shithole-beings even in movie or show castings these days. They’re even taking away too many jobs because they’re too cheap, not cause they’re smart! They know they can’t survive if white men hadn’t at all give them all the academics & jobs all these hundreds of years. Wtf! Nuke the whole entire region on the continent they come from. F*** all indians! F*** you!!!

Apr 1

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  • Look at the top positions of Microsoft, Google, Cisco........ You will find Indians and they are there purely on merit basis. They deserve to be to be there.

  • Everything you have said about them applies to you. God loves them dearly and has disregarded your simpleton words over and over again each time he sends a new Indian baby. It is something you will have to deal with. Btw get rid of the hate. It will split you open and kill you. Be a peaceful person. Love everyone and do right.

  • Muhammad, Abu Baker and all his companions had wild drugfuelled orgies every night. Fluck Islam!!

  • Yes I agree it's time for a massive cleanup i mean these roaches are everywhere now i really wanna kill em there's too many it's not even worth raping the b****** they look horrible even somalians are maken fun a these omega male cretins we can kill em all guaranteed bug spray might work

  • Muhammad, Abu Baker and all his companions had wild drugfuelled orgies every night. Fluck Islam!

  • But they are great f*** - believe me. They do piston-f*** you as no one able to do so. Believe me. They do not stink as they have bath/shower every day as part of their daily personal routine. Now TRY...

  • Please get out of here, it stinks of curry and cowshit, how will we get the smell off 🐄🐄🥩🍴🍴🍴

  • I will get out after f****** you hard.... truly.

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