Feeding an owl while camping near the Superstition mountains

While camping within sight of the Superstition mountains an owl swooped too close for comfort over my head. I set up camp and made a fire and this owl just stood just outside the firelight looking at me. I opened a can of tuna and gave it to him or her. It was on a paper plate and the owl ate it up.

I then opened some MRI's and gave it to the owl. I then ate myself. Settling in for the night I went to sleep with yet another plate of food for the owl who just stood there outside the firelight.

Returning to an Apache reservation I was told that I had been visited by a spirit posing as an owl. That had I not offered it food I might have been attacked by a puma. I did hear what sounded like babies crying and they turned out to be puma kittens according to the Native Americans I was staying with.

I personally think it was an owl looking for an easy meal after being treated by other campers prior to me but the spirit story sounds better.

Apr 2

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  • Cool story, thanks for sharing

  • It was not an owl

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