Camping near the Superstition Mountains

I had heard stories about this mountain. Legends of spirits haunting the area and such. I saw a video on youtube which included a spirit hovering over a man camping out in the region.

Ok I don't believe in religion but I do believe in the possibility of creatures resembling but perhaps not ghosts.

I went to see for myself. The verdict isn't in et.Setting up camp I had a good amount of supplies as I wanted t spend some time there.

I heard what sounded like babies crying during the night. That was scary but the babies were puma kittens not human babies. Walking around alone at night here caused me a bit of anxiety. OK in the video a man said he was attacked by what he at first thought was an owl but then looking up he said it was a hovering creature similar to the ring wraith in Lord of the Rings. I saw nothing like that although an owl did swoop over my head.

Wanting to occupy the owl I opened some canned beef and stepped far enough away so that the owl wouldn't be afraid of me. The bird ate greedily. I believe it was the same owl in the youtube story.

The owl stuck around. I gave it more canned goodies, tuna and such. He flew into my camp and I gave him some more canned beef and I put some of my milk in a saucer and he stuck his head into the drink then stood up and swallowed it. I think we became friends.

I broke camp leaving more canned beef and some tuna for the owl.

Going to the Apache reservation a few miles away an Indian said I did indeed see a spirit but that my kind treatment had caused it not to manifest itself into a fearsome creature. I had pacified the spirit.

He went on to explain that the owl was no owl but a spirit looking to see what I was up to.

Mar 4

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  • As one who has spent countless days and nights in the Superstition mountains, all I can say is the expert advice given to everyone hiking there is never walk around at night. Not because of spirits but because you will probably fall to serious injury or death. Those rocks you hit going down are really hard. Yes, there are many stories associated with the Superstition Mountains, thus their name. I have heard of people just disapeering but unfortunantly for the tails created about them, some were come across later with signs they fell. Bones. You fall, you become lunch. Never hike alone. Oh, all the tails if the Indians protecting the Lost Dutchmans gold are just that. Tails, or superstitions. Do you really think that any indians in the state they were firced to live would not hve at least borrowed a bit of that gold by now for a better life?

  • I wasn't looking for gold. My tale was about a camping trip where I made friends with an owl. An owl or a spirit. I wish I knew for sure which one. The owl is who struck it rich.

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