True stories of the hotel maintenance department

I work in maintenance for a large hotel. I get calls that the television doesn't work, that the a/c doesn't cool. I go to fix toilets and shower drains. The normal calls the room is empty for me to get the work done, but not all calls are normal.

I've had naked old men, and naked young women. I've been offered money for a b******, and money to give a business woman a butt f***. I have been asked to unhook a bra, and lower panties on a man.

In the hotel business I guess you see it all. I'm straight, I like a nice woman, I enjoy being the man on top. I don't like self absorbed or surly women. My kink is a young woman who wants to serve and make sure I c**. A young woman who makes love to my c***, and wants to be on the bottom.

I had a woman call that the ice machine on her floor wasn't working. I went up, it was after dark and the ice machine is in a closet. She stood beside me with an ice bucket waiting and totally naked. She had a customer in the room and I was costing her money. I suggested she go to the machine on the next floor but that was too simple. She got called by the customer, who stepped out into the hall with a towel around his waist for her to hurry up. She told me he wanted her to ice down his b**** so he would last longer.

Apr 5

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  • I worked as a bellboy in a hotel in Reno back when I was in college. I saw at least a dozen women answer the door naked.
    The spectacular one was when this rich couple in the penthouse suite called down to our dispatch counter, asked the desk clerk to send up that "cute" bellboy to give the woman a massage.
    That "cute" bellboy was 19 year old me.
    I had no idea how to do a massage, told the desk clerk lady that, she told me to go up there anyway, and do my best, they were special customers of the casino so they wanted to keep them happy.
    Off I went, half scared, they had a table all set up when I got there, the woman was sitting on the edge of the bed totally nude.
    She was clearly a trophy wife, the guy was in his 50's and way too fat.
    So, I rubbed her down, stuck my finger in there, played with her t*** for awhile, she gave me a handjob, next thing I know the old fat guy had me in his mouth.

    I made $200 for the 90 minutes, luckily I was off the next two days and they were gone when I came back for my next shift. Last time I saw the woman was in a movie, a fairly famous actress.

  • My girlfriend worked in a hotel and got me part time night shift work, it was great, really money for nothing, and we could play in the back office. She did most of the late night catering and I would get her all wet and excited. I'd dare her to take of her panties when serving food to certain rooms and she came back with a large tip and a cream pie more than once.
    She encouraged me to go suck a business man in his room for a large tip, he had me do it in front of her many times after that.

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