I enjoy seeing my wife kiss other men.

Most men would not admit this but I get a kick out of seeing my wife
kiss other men. Well I am not married anymore but this did happen when I was married. We went to a party late one Saturday evening. There was a lot of couples there. She started to talking to this guy. They talked for about an
hour. Finally they went and sat down on a sofa. I thought I would go to
the kitchen for some refreshments. Now my wife liked taking off her ring
when we go out because she does not want to feel owned.

When I returned they were kissing. Her mouth was wide opened on his and her arms were around his neck. I tried to act like I didn't se them but I really wanted them to continue. I could see his tongue exploring inside her mouth. They made out for about twenty minutes., then she followed him outside.
I don't know what happened out there but I never said anything to her
about the guy. We left shortly after that but I never could get the image of
my wife kissing that guy out of my mind.

Apr 7

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