Beat Up By A Girl

When I was a senior in high school I mocked a sophomore girl named Candelaria because she wanted to compete on the wrestling team. She finally told me to shut up or fight her. Being older and larger, I had no problem with that. But it turned out she’d been practicing Judo for a long time. When I went to take her down, she sprawled and pulled my arms behind my back.

I hit the ground hard, which took the wind out of me, but she also had both my arms twisted, which hurt like h***. A sizable crowd had gathered to see us fight and she made me eat dirt, which I was happy to do because at least I was face down... in my shock, I had also wet my pants and really didn’t want to stand up in front of everyone.

She didn’t even know that I’d wet my pants until she finally let me go and demanded to know why I wouldn’t stand up. But I had no choice and had to stand up in front of everybody.

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  • I got beat up by a girl because in my day you never hit a girl. The girl was unhappy that the school bus line was so long and she tried to butt me out of line. I brought up my knee and Charley Horsed the b**** and I got five hit on my head and neck. She didn't get my place in line though.

  • Next time take some friends again and f*** her in all her holes

  • In HS I was picking on some kid. A girl I knew well was no doubt a tom-boy stepped in and smacked the F out of me. She told me she had better not see me bother anyone again. That cured me from picking on anyone else. Yes it was embarrassing but I know I deserved it

  • That's too bad. Seriously traumatic. I hope you get a good therapist to get over that moment and can move on.

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