My wife when drinking tells me she wants to be raped.

When drinking I believe people say things they would not when sober.
My wife will drink and tell me she wants some guy to rip her clothes of her and rape her. I look at her and don't no what to say, I am wounded.
Another time I am trying to help r she yells at me and says you want to f*** me with that little p****.
I would like to be raped. Does that mean all the time we have s** she was not happy with me. I always made sure she had a o*****, or I asked if she wanted to come.
I tell her later what she said and she denies it.
As we got older I asked when she had two drinks she was not drunk. We where talking about s**, I asked her do you still want to be raped, she said not anymore. This statement floored me, again I did not no what to say.
Even at this late time in our life I asked her about rape and she tells me she never said that is she lying.

Apr 9

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  • A lot of women have rape fantasies but they don't want them to become realities. The rape fantasy part is there because they can enjoy s** with one or many men who they wouldn't normally choose. The woman can be "taken" so she's not the aggressor as she couldn't control it. It gives her power to be desired so much that a man would have to force it; she so sexually desirable that they force themselves onto her and she can't do anything to stop it.

    In reality, NO! Women do not actually want to be raped.

  • Do arrange for someone to take advantage of her.

    There is no doubt in my mind, as a woman, that your wife either truest desires it or has experienced rough s** an longs to have it again.

    I’m 50 and been married almost 26 years to the same man. He is an excellent husband. A great provider. Well hung and has incredible love making skills. But I long for my younger days when I could pick up a guy at the local bar and get pounded.

  • Why don't you arrange a surprise on her birthday a young hunk? She will love you more.

  • She got f uck ed already

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