Up my older mother's skirt views

I used to look up my older mother's skirts at her silky petticoat with lacey hems and her stockings and girdle suspenders silky full cut knickers since I was 16 years old and she was around 50 at the time. Has anyone else had this experience with their mother's ???? 😜

Apr 11

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  • I had a different experience, i admit i enjoyed it to the point of having very wet v*****, it we were at a family party all females so we didn't sit with legs crossed when i noticed my niece looking up my skirt, i had a thong on which didn't hide much, i was turned on because i wanted a lesbian experience i didn't intend it to be lesbian incest , i asked her to call at my place and i made it clear it would be just and we wouldn't me disturbed.

  • When I was a junior in high school, I found out my cousin that was away in college was secretly a lesbian and I was the only one that knew.
    She'd set up a second facebook account using her school email and her middle name and sent me a friend request but I had to promise never to tell.
    OMG! She is gorgeous and HOT! The photos she'd post with her girlfriend kissing! I became curious!
    Two years later, I decided to attend the same college. My cousin told my parents she'd 'look out' for me and we split the cost of an apartment. BTW: I had a serious boyfriend back home.
    Since I was a 'baby' she hooked me up with Mandy and she was my first 'girl'. OMG! I became a lesbian s*** and LUG.
    I married my high school boyfriend after college and he has no clue about my past. LOL

  • My sister is 4 years older and would wear denim mini skirts. I've seen her panties lots of times.

  • I must confess to looking up my aunts skirt when she crossed and uncrossed her legs, it was at a family party i was sat on the floor because of lack of seats, i got the full view, she had white knickers on, she excused herself and went to the toilet, she came back and sat in the same and crossed and uncrossed her legs and was smiling at me, she had taken her underwear off she repeated the performance serval times, she knew i was looking, i was bursting out of my pants, she was enjoying it as much as i was,

  • When I was 13 I saw my mother's cousin's furry bush. We were visiting at their ocean front cottage and she was sitting in a chair outside. I was sitting on the ground in front of her and see spoke to me and when I looked at her she spread her legs and I got to see my first furry bush. I still remember looking at it over 55 years ago.

  • I can relate.
    During my teenage years, I unintentionally seen up my mom’s business skirt countless times. I’ve seen her panties with and without pantyhose.
    She worked at a Mercedes dealership. She did the company’s local commercials and on their billboard advertisements.
    All the jocks in school would tell me she was a MILF.
    Mom loved the attention. If she knew my friends were coming over, she’d hang her lace bras and thong panties in the bathroom.

  • You must have had some great times looking up your mum's ,was your dad around the house still at that time? . i know that I had some great moments and with my own mum in my teenage years. Although she was still married to my dad I must have done something right because she would keep teasing and flirting with me while getting herself dressed if no one else was around and always showing me her silky slip stockings and suspenders Silk full cut nylon knickers up her skirt this went on through out our entire lives even after I was married anytime no one was around to see us enjoying one another's company and sensuality went on up until till she became unwell in her late 70s .

  • My mom's a short bottle blonde. She's 60 now and still takes pride in her appearance. When she started doing the commercials and advertisements, she got a b*** job. I was in middle school when she had the surgery. All my friends talked about it around me. Again, the jocks in high school LOVED seeing her in a bikini working on her tan at our pool.
    My dad was around back then. I used to hear them having s** all the time.
    The other thing I remember when I lived at home, she always had bright red toe nails. Her feet are small too. I think she wears a woman's size 5 shoe. Our kitchen had an island with stools. She'd sit on the stool reading the paper drinking her smoothie. I sat at the table with a clear view up her skirt when she crossed her legs. She'd sit barefoot. In warm months, she never wore pantyhose. In the cooler months, she wore pantyhose.

  • My mother was a severe alcoholic who brought many men home. They didn't care there was a young kid in the apartment as long as they got what they wanted. I didn't have to get a peak up a skirt. Many times I saw my fully naked mother getting used in every way you could imagine.

  • That's awful.

  • Why not maybe be our mother's but they could also be attracted to as gorgeous mature ladies Don't you agree Great age 43 and 50 for us to show an interest in them as a woman. At our age we were curious of what our mother's wore up their skirts and that is only natural to have those thoughts about . Obviously we both liked and enjoyed the views ,which certainly gave me a h****** with my own mother. 😜🤐 More to come if your interested.??

    Why did you stop after 20 years? I carried on looking up !y mother's skirt into her late 70s

    More to come if your interested , and more details of you and your mother.

  • I must confess to doing similar from the a of 13. mum was forty three .
    One day I got it it ho my head that I needed to know why mum was so secretive about her body and what exactly she was hiding in those knickers that I peeked on her to see without her knowledge.
    One day I found a pair of her dirty knickers and decided to look inside, though I didn`t know why , but I did. I found some of my mum`s stray pubic hairs and was intrigued. I then decided to sniff mum`s knickers , to find out what she smelled like between her legs her naughty bits as she referred to her f**** at that time.The smell of her f**** was just amazing.
    I got an erection and and had my first w*** of many while sniffing my mums knickers. I continued to do this and to spy on her naked for about twenty years.

  • I loved watching my son’s friends and my daughter’s bf trying to catch a peak.

    Never forget the time last summer when I wore a short tennis skirt with no panties and caught my daughter’s boyfriend catching a peak. He could not maintain eye contact. His eyes kept dropping to my crotch

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