Guys are such freaks

I have been a prostitute since college. I am now in my mid 20's, married and pregnant. Yes my husband has known about my occupation since we began dating and his is ok with it. I have a small list of hand picked regulars that I enjoy spending time with.
Like I just mentioned above, I am pregnant. At this point 7 1/2 months very pregnant. When I first got pregnant of course I wasn't showing and I was very glad for my job because my hormones were off the chart. I was h**** all the time! Seeing my guys gave me the extra s** I was craving. No offense but my husband also works and just didn't have the time to keep up.
I guess a little after 5 months I couldn't keep the secret. I contacted all my clients and told them about the pregnancy and that I would be taking a break.
To my surprise all the guys begged me to continue. I found out it was a huge turn on for them. I never knew so many guys had this fetish. The first guy I met after the announcement absolutely f***** me like an animal! It was great, I should have paid him! The more I began to show the more I was in demand. The guys couldn't get enough. I am seeing a couple of the guys twice a week. I am not complaining the constant s** is satisfying my hyper sexual condition.
Here I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and I have a date this afternoon. Can't wait!

Apr 13

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  • I would give you a full body massage and worship your golden p**** for the amazing treasure it truly is. You should be celebrated and encouraged to be serviced from any one who you desire.

  • You are doing nothing wrong. Your sexual appetite is intense and should be satisfied. As long as your practicing safe s** how can any if what your doing be wrong? I know a girl who had to have really rough s** because she was 2 weekspast her due date and needed to have her water broken to induce natural labor. It worked. Also there is something so erotic about seeing a heavily pregnant woman being enjoyed by many men. It's a beautiful and very lucky perk to add to your appeal.

  • Good for you! I f***** a woman who was over 8 months pregnant. Every time I drove my c*** into her, milk squirted from her t***. It was a wet mess when we were done, and we were both laughing about it. I tried to f*** her enough to drain her t*** completely, but never got that accomplished. Thank you Diane, for a great experience!

  • Who's the father?

  • I agree with the title of this!
    During both my pregnancies, my husband refused to have s** with me! I was 24 he was 25 and I heard all kinds of excuses, he 'just couldn't' 'pregnant woman can't have s**' 'I'll hurt the baby'. OMG My hormones were going wild.
    I was venting to a co-worker G**, male, divorced, HOT, 50s, had older kids, can no longer have kids :). I asked if he had s** with his wife during her pregnancy. Well.....We went to his place and he gave me what I needed. The best part, as I began showing more, he knew the right positions! We had s** up to three days before I gave birth! LOL That was 6 & 8 years ago and my husband has still has no clue! I only had s** with G** while I was pregnant.

  • Keep it a secret till the grave. S** is natural fun and far too relaxing. My wife is starving me badly.

  • So rather than work on it with your husband, you cheated. You're a selfish a******.

  • How can you be so rude? She should be celebrated for her open mindedness and positivity during this tough time in her life. She's amazing. How dare you? You need to apologize.

  • She's a selfish ass lying cheating j***. I hope you are on the receiving end of the same treatment one day. I feel sorry for her husband as clearly she has zero respect for him. Poor b******. Divorce is coming in the post after she has another 'tough time' and decides to jump on the carousel of thirsty wangs

  • Divorce! HA HA! You are such a righteous but judgmental person!
    As I stated earlier, I only had s** with G** during both my pregnancies. I did so because my husband refused.
    It happened 8 years ago and guess what????
    I'm still married!

  • You did it right and it was when you craved for it. Must have been your pregnancy craving thus has to be met at all times. Keep it a secret till your grave .. that’s all 🤗

  • Yes! My hormones were going crazy and my husband refused to have s** with me. G** was divorced and not in a relationship. I'd only had s** with my husband and G** hadn't had s** since his divorce two years ago. He was ready and I was willing. Since there was no worries for STDs or me getting pregnant lol, we decided to 'help' each other out. It worked out so well during my first pregnancy, when I found out I was pregnant the second time. I asked if he would help a pregnant gal out again. Thankfully he did!
    BTW: As I've said in my previous posts, I only had s** with G** during my pregnancies and when my husband refused me.
    S** with G** was just that. S**!

  • That’s lovely. I wish I had a G**. I’ve been married over 26 years to the same man. I’ve been monogamous since we first had s** 27 years ago.

    Prior to having s** with my hubby for the first time I was a little s***. Between the ages of 14 and 23 I had s** with over 75 men. That’s over 9 men per year!! When I was in college I made it a goal to sleep with every race and creed I could. I also had s** with multiple men at the same time. The most I had in one night was SIX and that was the night before I met Jim.

    Now that I’m getting older. I’m beginning to realize that I miss those early years.

  • 100% Correct.

  • Exactly - she's a cheater.

  • So is her husband, cheating her out of s** with his bull*hit excuses. She's doing nothing wrong.

  • Agreed. Her husband is denying her of her basic need to feel love

  • Wow!

    Great story. I’m jealous. I wish I had such an oiler during my 4 pregnancies

  • My wife was very h**** when she was pregnant and not being able to keep up with her, I invited guys that I worked with to f*** her. Six of my workmates f***** her during her pregnancy. It was quite a thrill for me to watch my previously faithful (a virgin when we started dating) young wife being f***** by other men for the first time.

  • What a lucky wife.

    You are an amazing husband

  • You're a dumb s***

  • You probably wouldn't understand. Small men never do.

  • Naw boohoo 'Small men'. Gee I must be small minded and have a tiny p**** if I don't agree to bringing home six guys to rail my wife while I serve them drinks and snacks. Why don't I just 'clean up' when they are done too. Maybe I could shave her s***** and a****** in preparation, or even blow the guys to get them ready. Will that make me a 'big man'? Is that the lie you tell yourself?

  • That guy is an incredible husband. His wife is lucky to have such a loving husband willing to fulfill her needs and not get all concerned about it.

  • Continue if you enjoy.....

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