Big butterball belly

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a big fat bellied man. I recall as a kid wanting to grow up and have a big belly. Well, all my professional life that was impossible but I would binge eat food occasionally to satisfy my cravings.

Now I’m retired and have decided to live out my dream. I confessed this to my wife a couple of years ago and although a bit shocked she didn’t try to stop me. I grew a nice belly since that time, went from 245 lbs to 285 lbs today. I really find comfort and pleasure eating whatever I want, whenever I want and I also love to rub my growing butterball belly. It calms me and I feel more sexual and h****.

Recently I told my wife, who has always obsessed about her weight and admittedly has a bit of an eating disorder, that I want to get bigger, much bigger. She wasn’t saying no, but she was hesitant to buy into the thought. Well I told her I was going to do it and that I would rather have her participate and be involved rather than being a bystander.

I asked her to occasionally buy me treats to fatten me up and to encourage me to eat very well. Well, she’s not bought me treats as yet but says she loves the feel of my belly on her p**** when we have s**. During s** she tells me to get as fat as I want and to enjoy it.

I’d love it if she would pat my belly and ask me if I’m hungry and make sure I’m always eating and growing. A couple of days ago I went to the local DD wearing a tight shirt that showed off my belly. I told the girl I wanted a few donuts and she said, you want six, right? I said sure and she got them for me and wouldn’t take money for them. She just said it was ok, go ahead. I nearly came in my pants and I tipped her 5 bucks and gobbled them all down on the way home. I wish my wife would buy them and feed them to me.

I plan on being more direct in my wishes with my wife. Any women out there that love fat bellied men have any advise on what else I should do? I’m always open to being fed by a nice female fat admirer as well. My goal is at least 350 lbs with a minimum 60 inch waist. I eat a lot of carbs, pastas, pizza, hot dogs, ice cream, pastries and steak and potatoes. I really want this belly to grow enormous.

Apr 13

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  • I'm in a very similar situation to you. My wife is supportive and tells me to get as fat as I want and seems to really like the extra chub, but doesn't push me to get bigger. I wish she would take charge, sit a whole cake down in front of me and tell me to stuff myself, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards. She would feed me a cake if I asked her to, but she never initiates the action. Oh well, we should consider ourselves lucky that at least they are entertaining our fetishes even if they aren't into it the way we are. I finally hit my own goal of 350 a few months ago, but was still short of that 60" belly by an inch. Unfortunately, I recently lost 20 pounds due to circumstances out of my control. Hoping to put it back on fast and keep going. I honestly can't get enough. The bigger, fatter, softer, and heavier I get the more I love it and need even more.

  • How is the gaining coming along?

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