I am a very gay man

I am a total gay h***, but I love having seeks with woman, especially women who have had a very lot of men. I love kitties and when I'm inside one what gets me solid as a diamond is thinking about all the other men that have been there before me and that's why I like a very very loose well used kitty. If she's had a really big guy that gets me so so solid and it turns them on because I'm so solid. My current straight GF has no idea I am a bender and has no idea that when I'm in her sopping wet kitty all I'm thinking about is her ex husband of 30 years and how much cream he's deposited in her during their marriage. She described his w*** to me in enough detail for me to want to suck him down the back of my throat, unfortunately he is in no way gay. I got drunk by accident one night and accidentally told her I wanted to suck him off. But when I went round sober the next day she did mention but the conversation quickly moved on. He's a bit smaller than me but his w*** sounds juicy and delicious. I try to get her to talk about guys she's been with but I think she secretly knows I'm massive h*** and is a bit embarrassed that she is dating a gay man. She did hint once during a wild session that she went with a really big guy (at least bigger than me) in the back of a van on a mattress when she was young on holiday and that he pulled out and covered her stomach in a huge load of cream. I love the thought of her being stretched and screaming with a massive studs w*** in her making her all sloppy. She's too straight to have a threesome or go to a cream party but I love the thought of her secretly going and banging different guys. She can definitely take a whopper. I would love to watch her get creamed by several different guys at once, a small, medium and large in the kitty. I love the thought of sucking a ho's fingers after she's freshly been unloading cream all night with different guys, I love the thought of eating an unwashed ho's kitty after she's done 20 different guys bareback. I just wish my GF would open up about how much w*** she had before me and go into detail, especially what's the biggest load of cream she's had. When I go down on her I get so turned on thinking that my tongue is going where all those juicy wangs have been. When I kiss her it really gets me solid thinking that at a reasonable guess a fair few juicy wangs have been there and maybe even unloaded. I wish I could tell her how gay I was and ask her if I could have a BF and she could meet him and we could all fall in love and share loads of cream together.

Apr 15

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  • You people have no pride nor love.. just cowards. You need help. See how I'm the only one giving you attention because in reality no one doesn't want to deal with you people and your confusion and deathstyles. Be straight, normal and read the Bible KJV. Jesus will help cure you.

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