Huge set of **

I must say my wife is beautiful. i married way out of my league. Shes a petite 5'1'' and 105 pounds. she has light brown shoulder length hair and green eyes. she has small ** but a toned body.

as long as I have known her (about 6 years now) she has always been, shy, private and quiet. when it comes to **, she has never told me no. she always wants to please me. she so hot naked i just wanted to show her off to my friends.

me and a few of my buddies had a guy's night out that didn't go very late but we were a little lit and headed back to my house for a night cap. my wife was watching TV when we walked in. she said hello but was otherwise quiet,

as my wife returned from the kitchen one of my friends was a bit drunker than the rest and told my wife how pretty she is. she did look hot in her tight jeans, tight top and bare feet.

I think she was caught off guard because she stopped in her tracks and looked a little embarrassed. i guess i was drunker than i thought because i felt a rush of adrenaline and i got very nervous with what was about to come out of my mouth. i knew there was a good possibility that i was about to get into a ** load of trouble. so half kidding but i think mostly serious i heard myself say "she's ** smokin! honey take off your clothes."

what a rush i felt as i said that. i looked at her with a blank look waiting to see her reaction. i figured i was **! she looked at me and the look on her face was one of confusion at first then she looked hurt. i almost came in my pants with what she did next. she began to very slowly undress.

she hesitatingly peeled off her top and tossed it on the sofa as my 3 buddies and i watched in stunned silence. she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them off deliberately slow because of how tight they were. tossing them on the sofa she stood in conservative black bikini ** and a gray bra.

she looked back at my stunned face, hesitated and reached behind her back unfastening her bra. she let it slip from her shoulders and discarded it on the growing pile of clothes reveling her 32c **. she turned red, took a deep breath and pushed off her **. once they cleared her **, she let them fall to her ankles the lifting one foot took hold of them and tossed them on the sofa.

my beautiful private wife was now totally naked for me and my friends. she's completely shaved from the neck down. "Oh my GOD!" One of my friends said as she just stood there naked with her hands by her side. "Show them all of you!" i suggested meaning to turn around so we could see her **.

she turned and waked to the chair across from where the guys sat and sat in it. she leaned back and spread her legs wide showing her pink. she just sat like that while we all just stared.

she looked scared and nervous. "you are beautiful!" another friend observed. she sat like that for a long while as we finished our drinks then headed off to bed. the next day we didn't speak of it but i could tell she was still upset.

Apr 17, 2022

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  • All of you should have gave the night of her life

  • You are a c nt hubby. Never headed to lick her up even. Shame on you. You have humiliated her

  • Your wife was probably upset that you didn't tell her to ** your friends.

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