My inlaws get down.

Recently I had an opportunity to spy on my inlaws, My wife and I had gone to their place and my wife was going to a stagette so she left and I put the kids to bed, The inlaws said they were going to bed and I went to the garage for a smoke, I was looking out the window of the garage and seen my wife's mom walk past the window and was like "Whoa...Was she topless?". My mother in-law is basically my wife in 22 years, My wife is 38, Short, Cute and has smallish b**** but a great ass, Her mom looks exactly like her or she looks exactly like her mom whichever but 22 years older so needless to say at that point I was intrigued but was too far away to really see much.
I turned out the garage lights and maybe they had forgot I went to the garage or thought I went out front or whatever but I seen her walk past again and was like "Yup, She is definitely topless", I tried to think of a way I could get a bit of a closer look and then the bedroom lights went out so I was like "Crap, Too slow" but then a lamp turned on, I quickly snuck out of the garage and went to the window but it was too high to look in even on my tippie toes, I looked around and found some cinder blocks from when they took apart the fire pit and stacked two of them up, Stepped up onto them and looked in.
I didn't even think about the fact the bed is only about 5 feet from the window but luckily it was dark enough I was able to look in and not be seen, My wife's mom was laying there reading and her dad was on his phone, I was lookig at my wife's mom and I could see her nips showing through her top just a little, I could see the outline of her nips and the shape of her b**** but it wasn't super interesting. My wife's dad rolled onto his side and looked at her and I swear, I knew the look, She giggled and that was when I realized I could hear them, She was like "Stop it...No Grant, We have a house full of people", He made a pouty face and I swear to god...No word of a lie my mother in-law, the sweet, Innocent grandmother of my children who I have never heard so much as a curse word come out of said "Ok, I'll suck your d*** but that's all".
Well....I almost fell off my cider blocks when she said that but her dad flipped the covers off and rolled onto his back, He grabbed his d*** and she giggled saying "You're such a nerd", She put her book down and got on her hands and knees and I was like "Oh my god, I am going to watch my mother in-law suck d***", She didn't waste any time and I fukn near came right there when she grabbed his d*** and just went for it. It looks like she actually gives really good head, Kind of a slow, Sloppy b*******, I was watching and was like "Meh, It's kind of cool but I was hoping for something else", I was stil gonna watch to see if she swallows or not but then thigs got a bit more interesting.
My mother in-law sat up, Flipped her hair back and grabbed her top whipping it off and tossing it on the floor, She looks exactly how I would expect, Small b****, Quite Saggy, and has dark pink, Almost purple looking nips, She grabbed his d*** and started stroking it again, He's not huge by any means but I would say definitely above average, She leaned in and started sucking him again and he was reaching under her pinching and pulling on her nips, I was like "Here we go, At least there is some scenery", She slurped her way from the base to the tip and sat up, Took a deep breath and said "Ok, But quietly".
I was like "Oh s***, Here we goooo", She stood beside the bed and pulled down her PJ pants and she had a big bush, I was like "Hmmm, Ok", She crawled on top of him and he rolled her over onto her back, He got on his knees between her legs and lifted them up and I could see her bush, I was really surprised how much they still enjoy it, It wasn't just a quick here ya go and done, He was down there licking her hairy s***** and she's arching her back and rolling her nips between her fingers, I watched her nips get hard and they are nice, They still get pretty hard.
She flipped one leg over his head and got on her hands and knees and was a little bit on an angle and I could see her p****, She's not super hairy like between her legs so I could definitley see it all being only 5 feet away but still hairy. He got on his knees beside her and shoved her over a bit with his hip turning her sideways on the bed so her p**** was pointed right to the window, I was like F yeah, There we go, I could see her hairy little p**** and her pink little butt hole and he spit on his fingers and started rubbing her c*** with one hand and squeezing her ass with the other, I see excatly where my wife gets her ass from, For her age my mother in-law has a great ass and was looking great in that position.
I actually had to slow myself down and control my breathing because he leaned in and started licking her butt hole, I was like BOOYAH, He got her all wet and then took the hand he was squeezing her ass with and slid his middle finger right in her ass, If they would have looked at the window I am sure my eyes would have been the size of pool b****, He was not taking his time, He literally finger f***** her ass and she was squeezing a pillow and she kept her knees in one place but kept spreading her feet and I could hear her panting. She pulled away and rolled onto her back, He got between her legs and slid his hand under her ass, I wasn't sure what he was up to but with his hand under her ass he slid his humb right up her butt, and then leaned in and licked her p****.
This is an interesting position I may have to try with my wife because if she tries to lower her ass his thumb goes right in, So she is bascially a*** riding his thumb while he licks her, She started shaking a little and he pulled his head away and rubbed her p**** fast and hard with is other hand and I almost yelled H*** YA as she made a scrunched up face and squirted, I have never seen a squirt in person before and it wasn't like in the movies where it sprays everywhere but with him rubbing her hard and fast I could see how sloppy it got and I could hear it pretty much splashing.
Her legs were like vibrating and she pushed his hands away collapsing on the bed, He wasn't letting her get away that easy and got on top of her, Slid his d*** in her and started f****** her, She was totally down for it and I watched him f*** her with her saggy little t*** jiggling all over, He pulled out after a couple minutes and shot his load which was an impressive size load actually al over her stomach and even shot a little up between her t*** while she held her hands together under her chin, Obviously he has made it to her face before.
When he was done coming he stood up ad stood beside her face and she turned her head away, He put his hand on her head and turned it back and she sucked his dck for a few seconds before pushing him away. The eternal gentleman he is he went and got her a towel and I watched her wipe his come off her stomach and t*** and then she got up and went to the bathroom. I went back to the garage and had about 3 more smokes and then snuck in the house and went to bed. My wife came stumbling in around 3 o'clock and pretty much dropped her dress and crawled straight into bed, I said "Hi" and she just groaned and waved her hand with her face already in the pillow.
I was laying there after being woken up and I reached over, Put my hand on her back and she didn't respond so I slid it down, Pulled her thong to the side and rubbed her p**** little bit, She just took a deep breath and sighed, I took my hand away, Put some spit on my thumb and reached back down, Used my fingers to pull her thong aside and slid my thumb right up her ass, She just made a litle noise and arched her back a little clenching he ass then relaxed again, I slid my thumb in and out of her ass and she wasn't even noticing, I got on my knees and straddled her, Thumb f***** her ass and came all over her ass and p**** and then went to sleep.
The next night my wife and I were laying in bed and she was all hung over and bitchy and said "Did we do it last night?", I said "Yeah", She said "Not cool, Seriously, In my parents house, I had to strip the bed because there was come all over the sheets...And me by the way", I said "You were the one who started it" and she said "Oh", I said "When did you start ejoying that?", She looked uimpressed and said "Enjoying what?", I said "The thumb in the butt", She said "Eww, No I do not enjoy that", I said "Well you did last night", She groaned and rolled over and went to sleep.
Haha, Pretty decent weekend by all accounts.

Apr 22

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  • I’ll never forget when we visited my in-laws years ago after we had been married about 5 years. I was 28 at the time and my mother in law had just turned 50 so my father in law must had been 55 or so. So almost twice my age, oh my.

    Long story short, I had managed to catch a glimpse of them getting it on while taking a phone call by the pool. My mother in law was not impressive but my father in law was well endowed. Oh my, my I had thought my hubby was big. My mother in law made it seem like love making was a chore and you could tell my father in law wanted to make love and not just have s**.

    Later that weekend I found a reason to send my hubby and his mom out on an errand and I showed my father in law how much I appreciate his c***. It’s been 20 years since then and we have had s** several time.

    As a matter of fact I believe that our first born is actually my husbands half brother.

  • When I first found that my girlfriend of 6 years was cheating on me, I inquired who it was. She told me he was a wee nice bloke down the road who went to the mosque not far off, where he would make horrible chants to Belial. I asked where she got her pills from. She told me he gave it to her in between "rape orgies". I can't for my life understand what is going on.

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