My big secret

I got pregnant at age 17. This was back in the mid 90's. It wasn't like most teenage girls get knocked up. No fumbling teenage boy involved in the back seat of a car. The only person outside of the involved parties that ever knew was my best friend.
I babysat for several couples in the neighborhood as a teenager. One of the couples was an African American couple with small twin boys. One night after they returned home from a dinner/movie something happened. Everything seemed normal, the dad slipped me the cash for my time. But... The wife asked me to sit on the couch and they both took seat on each side of me. After a minute of talking the patting me on the back and touching my shoulder turn into full on groping. They were all over me and removing my clothes. I didn't protest and when I was completely naked the wife got down in front of me and put her face between my legs. It felt weird at first, I had never been with a girl before. I wasn't a virgin either. But the more her tongue touch me the more I scooted out on the couch to give he better access. It only took a few minutes and i had the o***** from h***!
Both of them undressed and pulled me down on the floor. they made me lay on my back. The wife stood over my face facing my feet. She lowered herself on my face and ordered me to "lick it". As I got my first taste of p**** she reached down and grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs back and spread them. Her husband got in between my legs and started pushing inside me. He was much bigger than the teenage boys I had been with. It felt amazing! I felt his warm c** release inside me. He just left his d*** inside me after he came and his wife finally let my legs down. They both raised up from my nude body and things went back to normal. We all dressed and I went home.
Well roughly 6 weeks later things were definitely not normal. I missed my period and was way late.
Now to bring up the liberal democrat state of California. When a 17 year old white teen was dropped off at an abortion clinic by an adult African American couple with a wod of cash in her hand what happened??? They barely asked my name. No question about parents at all. Step this way, abortion 101.
Thats my story and secret.

Apr 30

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  • That is hot! Except the abortion part.

  • That was my favorite part

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