Wifes Massage

My petite wife, never having one, wanted a massage but she doesn’t feel safe going to a massage place, so I scheduled a guy to come to the house. She had no idea what to expect. I explained that she would be naked and that he would touch her all over. She was concerned with my description but hesitantly still wanted to try. What I didn’t tell her was that his would be a Tantra massage. It would be a whole body very sensual massage.
My wife stands 5’1’’ about 105lbs with long blonde hair, green eyes and a very fit 36d-23-30 body. The deal was that he would set-up in our living room and i could observe covertly from the upstairs game room. Without her knowledge I gave him permission to carefully do whatever he wanted to her. I didn’t want her to get spooked and stop the massage.
He was a good-looking older gentleman, and she was comfortable with him so she went to get ready for her session. She returned wrapped only in a bath towel and laid face down on the table. I was already upstairs. I watched as he started at her shoulders and gently pushing the towel off as he massaged until her backside was completely exposed to him as he ran his hands all over her back. He gradually massaged her ass until his hands slid down the crack of her ass where he massaged her rosebud.
She squirmed a bit then settled down and let him rub it. She opened her legs a bit and her butt relaxed as he rubbed. I heard her moan softly and tense a little as he slipped a finger in her ass and gently massaged. After about 45 minutes on her stomach, he softly told her to turn over. She looked around for the towel which had disappeared so she shyly turned over and settled allowing him to see her firm t*** and shaved p****. He began at her shoulders once more and massaged her shoulders, neck chest, arms and stomach teasingly massaging more and more of her b****** but not touching her nipples.
This tease appeared to frustrate her when he abandoned the area and massaged her stomach to the top of her pubic mound. He gently parted her legs and massaged her right hip and thigh making sure he massaged the inside of her thigh coming very close to her p**** but not touching it. She would tense each time he got close almost expecting him to touch her p****. Then after a while I think she hoped he would touch her. he didn’t then progressed to her knee, shin and foot then began to ascend up the left leg massaging her inner thigh to where I think he could feel her heat but would pause and not touch her there. He moved to her feet and ran his hands the length of both legs to the very top of her thighs. His thumbs landed just to either side of her p**** and away again. I could see the frustration mounting on her face as he teased her.
She reached a point where she actually spread her legs wider as he ascended her legs. The first pass he just teased again but the next assent his thumbs made contact with her heat and she gasped and arched her back. Each succeeding assent he touched longer and longer until the 4th pass where he slipped a finger inside her. she gasped and moaned as he massaged her g-spot. Her eyes opened and she stared at him with her beautiful blue eyes with a look as if she was building to an o*****.
With one finger inside her his thumb began to rub hire c***. Just as I thought she would o***** he would stop and massage something else. That something else was usually her rosebud as he would slip a finger in her ass. I have never seen her so frustrated and wanting.
I watched him do this to her for the better part of a half hour when he slipped his arms under her knees and pulled her ass to the edge of the table. He put her legs against his chest and returned to teasing her p**** and ass. She wriggled and moaned as he played. What she didn’t see was he had pushed down his sweat pants until they fell to his ankles then kicked them aside. His erection was inches from her p****. He was getting ready to f*** my wife as I watched.
He built her up to where she so badly wanted to c** and just as she to the top he slipped his c*** inside her hot dripping p**** and began to f*** her. her eyes opened and she looked to me with a look that was one of surrender. She closed her eyes again and made no attempt to stop him as he f***** her harder and harder for a few minutes. Her reached to her chest and began massaging her t*** and pulling her nipples, I heard him say “I’m going to c** deep inside you!” her eyes opened again and she looked as if she was searching for something to say when his body tensed and he began to squirt his hot c** inside her causing her to explode in a body convulsing major o*****. She screamed and grabbed the sides of the table and all she could manage was “Oh my God!” she repeated over and over until she came down.
He gently pulled out of her and wiped down her whole body with wet wipes. She fell asleep on the table and he carried her to our bed and left. The next morning, I asked how she like her massage. She blushed and asked if I was mad. I told her I wasn’t. she paused and asked if she could get another massage soon. “As long as I can watch!” I told her. she was good with that.

May 2

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  • Yeah no. Good fiction, didn’t happen.

  • What are you the f****** story police?

  • But it did a******

  • Oh my God!

    You are a wonderful husband. I’m so jealous

  • Are you a wife?

  • Yes. I’m 50 years old am mother of 3 and just celebrated my 25th anniversary

  • Would you like an erotic massage?

  • I am curious about your feelings… it had to be mixed emotions. Well written.

  • Thank you for the compliment. it was a huge turn-on for me

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