Fat belly

I want to grow my belly to enormous proportions. I’ve always dreamed of being a big fat bellied man, ever since I was a kid I fantasized about it. I’m 6’2” and weigh nearly 290 now, was about 240 less than 2 years ago. I want to grow such a big belly that I cannot tie my shoes. I love the feel of the growing flesh and am sexually turned on big time by my belly. If my wife doesn’t buy into this more and begins to feed me, tease me, massage me, I may have to move on. Would love to find a woman who is turned on by a big fat belly on a guy.

May 3

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  • I LOVE THE EXTRA WEIGHT ON MY HUSBAND! I came clean to him about it and he got very aroused during s** and he has never been that good in bed. I remind him of how much I love every inch of his body and gain and how it’s created good pressure while he’s doing me, and he seems to be on cloud 9. He says he will keep the amount he has put on, and I told him the amount he has now or some more would be ideal and that I LOVEEEE LOVEEEE LOVEEEE IT! He insists on just the same amount though… I give him blow jobs daily and I always grab and squeeze his belly and he wraps my ponytail around his hand and pulls my hair while I deep throat or holds my head down, and sometimes I make sure he’s got a drink while I go down on him.

    I am so hoping he gains some more weight, because he is so soft, warm, cuddly, and thick! I can’t get enough of how soft he feels when I mount him and how good the pressure is when we have s**. I much prefer his chubiness to his prior figure - toned with a six pack and defined v-line. I want more to grab, squeeze, kiss and play with. I told him I want to give him full body massages too, and that I want to do him every day.
    I didn’t know I was into the extra softness and weight until he gained weight; now I just give him more fattening meals but still include proper nutrients, and I’m trying to slowly get him a little bigger and keep boosting his confidence. I have recently demanded him be shirtless around me more often and I tell him I want to touch his belly and sides more. No objections, and that’s no surprise! I couldn’t imagine NOT being into this! I mean, my goodness! If your hubby is fattening up, just appreciate the process, cook him amazing meals with passion, and love and take care of every single inch and roll! 🥴🥵😮‍💨😍😍😍

  • You are my kind of woman! I hope he appreciates what you’re feeling and enjoying, and if not, contact me and you can have your way with me 😁😁. Best wishes for future hubby growth!

  • Bro, my wife seems to be fattening me up. Believe me, it's not as fun when you are someone's feeding pig . I went from 150 to 220 lbs after marrying her. She makes me eat and drink everything in front of me, after every dinner I'm bloated and drunk that I can barely walk. I wonder what is she going to do to me in a few years.

  • How are you getting on a few months later?

  • Does she rub your gut afterwards at least? That might help the bloated feeling. Is she still fattening you? What's your weight now?

  • How big are you now?

  • She sounds like a keeper to me! What other sorts of things does she do to encourage you to keep eating?

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