I Wish that I had the courage

I have a confession about my fantasy that i tried to live out several times. it doesn't involve much effort it's just getting the courage to follow through.

i have been told by my husband and several past boyfriends that i have a beautiful body. i am a shy at first, normally not very adventurous and conservative and i think my body is pretty average but they seem to think I'm something special.

i know by surfing the internet that you guys love details, so this is me. I'm 5'4'' tall, 123lbs my b****** are 34c with nipples larger than i would like but my husband loves them. I have a toned mostly athletic body and i am shaved all over (except my head) i have long brown hair and hazel eyes. i even keep my nails (hands and toes) nicely manicured. i think that i have pretty feet.

Here goes: i have had fantasies of being seen naked and vulnerable just to see if I'm considered attractive enough to take without my permission. i actually m********* to these fantasies.

After my husband has gone off to work, and I'm h****, I have performed self-bondage in the garage. this is what i do. first i get completely naked. i tie a stick to my ankles that keeps my legs open about shoulder width. I tie 3 ropes over the garage door tracks. one is waist high that pulls my hips back, so I'm slightly bent over forward with my butt out for easier access to my p**** and butt. the other two are for my wrists. before i tie my wrists i put a ball gag in my mouth then i tie my wrists so my arms are outstretched and up a little.

in this position I'm completely vulnerable. i have the rope on my right hand tied to a 10-pound weight so i have to pull pretty hard to tie/untie myself. i keep the garage door opener in one hand. all that's left is to push the button and i would be completely exposed with no obstructions to anyone or any car passing on my busy street. that's where i panic and freeze. i have actually pushed the button a few times but stopped the door before it got too open. the highest it ever got was about waist high. i don't think anyone saw although it was very exciting.

if someone i knew saw me i would be mortified. i don't even know how i would feel if they took me. i think i would be ok by being taken by a stranger. the scenario makes me so wet and h**** i can't stand it. the super dangerous part is i am not on birth control. my husband has been fixed.

i have even imagined pushing the button and as the door opened i accidentally drop the door controller. i want so bad to just once try it and be seen. i have even thought about going to a wooded area along a path and tying myself to a tree but i don't want to get arrested. that would be hard to explain to my husband.

and what if men saw me and didn't want me? that would be devastating.

Argh! what should i do? i need some sound advice.

button in hand

May 4

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  • Rent a hotel room on the ground floor. Strip naked and lay on the bed facing the window with the curtains open. Blindfold yourself so you won’t know if anyone, or conversely, how many people see you there. Lay there edging as long as you can and then have the most spectacular o***** of your life. It’s better at night with the lights on, but daytime works too….just a little more difficult to see inside, but that my be good for your first adventure.

  • Sounds intriguing

  • Get a male dog and tie yourself up in the doggystyle position

  • Don't do it at your home, how would your husband react to the neighbors seeing you in that position, I am assuming he doesn't know. If you want to be that vulnerable in the open make sure you have a way out. One guy may be exciting but when he calls up his buddies will you be okay with that.

  • I think that if i knew i had a way out it would not be the same feeling. my home feels safe to me

  • Post pictures on anusib and reap the comments

  • Thats not what i asked for

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