One thing led to another and that led to having a kid at fourteen

In junior high I walked home with this kid, a boy. On the way he told me of his friend that had slipped off the seat of his bike and landed on the bar and smashed his b****. We talked about how stupid it was, guys' bikes had this ball busting bar and girls' bikes didn't have a bar, and they didn't have b**** either.

One thing led to another and when we got to my house he came in so I could show him that girls do not have b****. We went to the bathroom and I lowered my pants and panties and he sat on the toilet and examined me with his eyes and his fingers. I let him touch me all he wanted, to hold open my lips, to poke his finger in my v*****.

But then it was my turn. He lowered his pants and underpants and I sat on the toilet and examined his p****. I held it, I looked at it. I kissed it. It was an urge, I kissed it again. His p**** got hard. I held it in my fist, I put it in my mouth. What do you do with a hard p****? I told him that my sister had told me that if a girl leans over and opens her legs the guy can stick his p**** in her v*****. Did he want to try?

I leaned on the toilet seat and spread my legs and he poked his hard p**** in my v***** and it went in. He poked it in all the way. Well if you have a p**** in your v***** then what? "F*** me, stupid" I told him. "Stick it and pull it out and stick it in again, do it, just f*** me".

He did and he reached climax without telling me and the next thing I know he is squirting his stuff in my v*****. We were fourteen and we got pregnant. My older sister who had told me how you could bend over adopted the baby. We had permission to see the baby and to play with the baby and my sister told me that when I was old enough she would let me have the baby back. We got married when we were 22 and had graduated from college, we never did have permission to date anyone else. Our baby was a second grader and he called my sister Mommy and called me Mama.

23 days

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  • My mom used to tell me to suck the boy quickly so he will lose the urge to get in my v*****. She would even say it in front of my boyfriend when he was over telling us to do it before we go out where she cant protect me. Hugely embarrassing and I told her she cant say that because everyone at school will think I am a s***.

  • Oh wow that’s an incredible story. I can only imagine the events between the lines. The amount of sacrifice and embarrassment that might have followed. But it’s beautiful on account of your endurance and love. Your sister is a wonderful person and I’m glad you guys are where you are now.

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