I let my daughter smoke

So I recently let my 4 year old daughter smoke her first cigarette.
I've smoked regularly since I was 13 including throughout my pregnancy & I've always smoked in front of my daughter.
One day we were in the car driving home & I was having a cigarette &
she asked me if she could try one, so I pulled over off the road & let her try.
She actually smoked the entire cigarette although she coughed quite a bit.

May 6

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  • Goodness gracious, that's way too young to be smoking a cigarette. It's bad enough you're sucking away on a filthy cigarette much less your young daughter smoking too. You're probably so hooked yourself all you want to do is smoke cigarette after cigarette after cigarette and to you smoking is the ultimate pleasure and you're so used to smoking all the time you let your daughter smoke too. Hopefully she wont continue to smoke at such a young age but it's likely she'll be a smoker too especially if she's bathed in the haze of your cigarette smoke constantly. I knew of one girl that started young and by age 12 she was smoking a pack a day of Marlboro full flavor 100s, she had sucked herself right into a hard core heavy cigarette smoking habit and was head over heels in love with cigarette smoking, such a disgrace having to suck that long filthy cigarette all day long and act like it's the greatest pleasure she ever had.

  • No way you let a f****** child do this. This world is absolutely f*****

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