Smoking is up to her

I found out my 34 year old daughter recently started smoking cigarettes. I saw a pack in her purse and I asked her about them. She's always been good and I was really surprised that I missed this when she was growing up. She told me she just started about 6 months ago, people at her new job do it and she got curious. She really enjoys it. I told her I smoked for 10 years and I understood (I've always missed cigarettes). I told her she should quit and all, but I also said I would keep her secret. I don't know what to think, in a way I'm happy for her.

Aug 5

Next Confession

I hope I die before I reach retirement age.

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  • I saw a young woman walking down the street texting away on her phone only this little lady had a fresh lit cork filter cigarette hanging out of her mouth. That long cigarette looked so huge on her but she was quite comfortable having it parked there. She went for blocks and I never saw her take the cigarette out of her mouth, she just puffed and blew the smoke enjoying the long cork filter on her lips the warm smoking cigarette gratifying her oral fixation cigarette craving and it made her stand out like a sore thumb as a public display of a pitiful puckering puffing dainty dangling sweet smooth skinny cigarette sucking smoke lover.

  • I had a supervisor woman who smoked like a chimney puffing away every chance she got. Another little lady also loved her cigarettes so much she had to smoke all the time they both smoke Marlboro light 100s. I also saw a woman smoking on her break at work and had a burrito in one hand and a Marlboro 100 in the other. then a lady smoker I knew dipped her cigarette filter in a malt then sucked the malt off the filter while sucking in a bunch of smoke, it was really something. I had to try it so I got a chocolate malt lit up a Marlboro full flavor 100 with the nice big suckable cork filter, dipped about half of the filter in the mail the sucked that filter to get the malt off it and of course sucked in a big drag of cigarette smoke. i did it a couple more times then finished the cigarette and smoked a couple more while enjoying the malt, when you really love to smoke, it goes with just about everything.

  • I saw a woman that looked like the last women on earth that would smoke, like the librarian who was head of the anti smoking campaign. The only thing was when I saw her first she was sitting in her car with a fresh lit white 100 cigarette hanging out of her mouth. The contrast between super innocent looking lady and heavy smoker was quite alluring to say the least. I could see her through the window at her work smoking or if she wasn't smoking withing a few minutes she'd light up a cigarette, so she was a heavy smoker at least 2 packs a day. Driving in to work smoking walking to her car smoking, or leaving work with a fresh lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth, this sweet little doll was a chimney who loved to smoke. One day she walked by and coughed, it was this deep wet wheezing rattling ultra heaver smokers cough from years of heavy smoking. She got to her car lit up another cigarette and drove away with another fresh lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

  • She's an adult , you don't have any say .

  • Some ladies get so hooked that they are practically married to their cigarettes. I worked with this tiny little lady who smoked like a chimney. She'd walk around with her Marlboro light 100s in her hand all the time not one bit shy about her heavy smoking habit she was in love with cigarettes and wanted everyone to know and see her puffing away and blowing all that smoke out everywhere. Her car seat was super close to the wheel she was so small but seeing her leave work of course she drove away with a fresh lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

  • I know a young lady that started smoking her aunts Marlboro Red 100s. She didn't like it at first but she kept at it and started smoking more and more cigarettes and taking bigger and bigger puffs on the long cork filter. In just two years time she got up to 2 packs a day of those long strong Marlboro 100s. She loves cigarettes so much now smoking is practically her favorite thing just puffing away and blowing lots of smoke. She can easily smoke 5 cigarettes in an hour even more if she's upset. Even she is shocked at how much she loves to smoke and keep her oral cavity occupied with cigarette after cigarette long strong Marlboro Red 100s.

  • Some women, even girls sometimes they get so hooked and fall so in love with cigarette smoking all they care about and want to do is smoke. They wake up craving cigarettes, they smoke whenever they can throughout the day, some will even chain smoke several cigarettes in a row several times a day. One woman smoked 2 packs a day and that was just at her 8 hour shift at work, that's 5 cigarettes every hour! Some take huge drags and even blow smoke out of their nose for even more cigarette flavor. Then there are those who also smoke long strong cigarettes cause they want all the cigarette, all the smoke and flavor they can get. Some have even ignored the trailer trash or truck driver stigma often attached to smoking a long cork filtered cigarette and they love their lips around those long cork filters and are often seen with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth. They are human chimneys, public displays of heavy smoking and their entire life revolves around their heavy cigarette smoking habit they gotta have they love it the cigarette.

  • Many women learn that smoking cigarettes feels like ** and sexual release so your daughter is learning about new sensations that nicotine brings to her body. She knows cigarettes are taboo and sneaking to have a smoke increases her adrenaline levels which triggers dopamine feel good chemicals in her body also. She adores the fact that she discovered something that brings pleasure to her.

  • She is expressing her oral fixation through cigarettes.

    She needs some, yes she does.

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