Quitting smoking is good but don't believe things will get normal

My stepfather smoked for forty years and at age 60 he quit cold turkey. He died 33 years later and every organ that failed were the organs affected by smoking. Yes, 93 is old but his mother lived to be 102. He died in agony and if he had never smoked he would have died of a less painful disease.

My biological father smoked from age 30 till age 50 and at age 77 he had a heart attack. xraying his chest the doctors said we see that at one time during your life you smoked. He had not had a cigarette in 27 years.

Quitting is good but you will never be as well off had you never smoked in the first place.

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  • I never understood why people smoke,it's foul.
    And vaping....jesus don't get me started!!
    So gay 🌈

  • Being 93 or 102 isn't a treat either, whether you smoked or not.

  • No being old sucks big time but getting old and dying in agony because of some habit like smoking is worse.

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