Propositioned by a Friend. . .

I'm 24 female. I have always had my share of attention, even back in high school (blonde, prom queen, all-state softball, etc.). I have been married for two years, and got pregnant in May. I recently found out that I'm carrying twins. My husband and I are elated. These will be our first children.

The issue is that a female friend of mine from college is a little kinky and asked me if I would be the third wheel in a threesome with her husband. I'm not bi, but she is, and her husband likes me. I think he is lovely too. I could do the bi thing at least a little, though I'm more into guys. She wants to have a threeway as a gift to her hubby, and picked me. I initially texted her that she was crazy, but I've had conflicting thoughts since then.

The reason I'm conflicted is for three reasons: 1. My hubby travels a lot for work and isn't around much; 2. I know I could get away with it. 3. I'm damn hormonal and could use a hot and heavy moment where my eyes roll back in my head.

An additional thing is that I've only been with two guys ever, including my husband, and the thought of trying someone new is attractive. I'm thinking about texting my friend and saying, "Let's go!" On the other hand, I think it might be too slutty. I'm not quite sure what to do.

Sep 15, 2016

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  • I dream of f****** a pregnant woman, with my fingers and locking her pushy. Also sucking their swollen t*** and niples. I'm a 35yr old woman

  • At least you can have unprotected s** and not worry about getting pregnant by another man.

  • But unprotected s** won't protect her from, sexually transmitted disease's!!!

  • Or you could have both hands on my c*** as you swallow

  • OK if not into girls be honest an tell your friend that but open to share her husband that night.

  • Once you start it is not easy to go back. If you are not bi just tell your friend you will do the husband as a favor but not a threesome and see what she says. Why do something you do not think you will enjoy. Just tell that it would be nice if her husband could give you some pleasure when your husband is not available.

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